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Free Art Workshop Giveaway!

Artist Susan Tuttle is giving a free art workshop away on her website.

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USSSA (United Secret Society of Subversive Artists)

Thirteen contemporary artists will be forming “a more perfect union” in the month leading up to the Presidential Election, 2012. The project, “USSSA (united secret society of subversive artists),” will feature a highly diverse group of artists; each of them bringing a unique artistic background and a dynamic range of experience.

The artists of USSSA are all politically invested in the arts. They are educators, activists and organizers. The artists of USSSA will each create an installation around a theme of her or his choice. Through innovations to the curatorial model, this project becomes a venture where each artist presents a personally relevant perspective and engages the project as a space to work toward equal terms of support, respect and resolution.

Why Indiegogo?
We are on Indiegogo to raise the start-up funds for our first ever exhibition (i.e. official website, artist interviews, and promotion materials.) In the following months you will find Indiegogo pages for each of our artists but this page “Phase 1” will help us spread the word so that our artists—whom represent a wide array of political issues—can reach their intended audience.

The artists of USSSA seek to dispel the notion of politics in category and the synthesis of artist installations within one larger exhibition will reflect that; exemplifying a truly unified and collective effort as only artists can achieve. Diverse media and art education are integral parts of the USSSA political model—no one person performs as an expert in all matters but, instead, each individual sharing a legitimate voice, an active role, and an appreciation for each other among the group.

Who’s “dream” are we talking about?
The “American Dream” is not as concrete or common as our politicians and media would have you believe. The artists of USSSA will bring form to the intangibles of the “American Dream” because the visions, ideals and values that are often cited by pundits are precisely the forms that artists are trained to bring to life. Artists dream boldly and with care . . . something our nation would be wise to learn. Why are our nation’s art programs suffering? Why are this country’s artists becoming a marginalized population? Who is this “Amerigo Vespucci,” anyway?

In bringing a collective voice to the issues that are most important to us, this group of artists will be calling attention to the dynamics of democratic process, documenting our innovative forms of collaboration, and bringing form to the patterns of real and actual change.

Our exhibiting artists for “USSSA, 2012”
Please enjoy these links from our exhibiting artists:

Julio Cesar Morales

Dread Scott

Wafaa Bilal

Sarah Sense

Joshua Hagler

Barbara Horiuchi

Christy Speakman

Rodney Ewing

Tsviel Sinclair
Coming soon . . .

Thinh Nguyen

Lucien Shapiro

M. Ryan Noble

About your donation
Your donation at this stage is a critical first step. The location of our first exhibition, scheduled for October, 2012, is yet to be determined. We have several proposals around the country and will be relying on our donors to help us generate a wide interest in the exhibition. The shirts were printed in the studio of two “community artists” in their support of this project. Your donation will include domestic shipping and a certificate of authenticity. Please remember to specify your size and mailing address or P.O. Box.

Most importantly, we ask that you share this project with anyone you know whom supports the arts. Please use Indiegogo’s “Share” buttons or just cut and paste our links:

Thank you!
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