Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Real Flair for Mosaics - Flair Robinson

Flair Robinson

It is hard to look at Flair Robinson’s mosaic art without imagining cheerful music playing in the background. Her images seem full of energy, and are quite easy to imagine merrily gyrating and flexing to the beat of some imaginary song. She is a true colorist in every sense of the word. Her color choices are dazzling and her designs sizzle.

Vincent's Choice

Sometimes, she includes texts in her compositions. She is primarily a self-taught mixed media and assemblage artist and educator who has taken college-level design, mixed media and mural-making courses, the latter of which were taught by renown muralist, Tracy Montminy at the University of Missouri (Columbia). For awhile, she lived in New York, where she studied filmmaking . Like myself, Flair has a propensity toward utilizing re-purposed materials in her art. She also uses hand-cut glass and ceramic tile.

Thor's Chair

Of late, Flair has begun the transformation from creating utilitarian art pieces to works that stand on their own as fine art. She does this in a studio in the small town of Teluride, Colorado, which she shares with a photography studio. She is represented by the Wildcat Studios Gallery conveniently located just downstairs. If you find yourself in the Telluride area, stop in at 224 East Colorado Avenue. (Hours Monday-Saturday 11:00AM -5:00 PM) Her good friends, Tanya and Stacy Smith own the gallery and have utilized Flair’s artistic expertise on a number of projects.

If Only

Flair draws inspiration from a variety of sources, all unusual….all fun. She sees a roadside attraction and borrows from that. She looks at advertisements from the 1940’s and ‘50’s and gets ideas there. Even vintage fabrics can inspire her work. Flair collects American and Latin American folk art and Visionary art that she feels greatly influences her own artistic vision.

Summer Night

Flairs love of art is evident in many ways, one of which includes her practice of driving 130 miles, round-trip, to buy the grout and other art supplies that she doesn’t have shipped to her directly. (She has her ceramic tile sent all the way from the Netherlands!)

New York City

Flair Robinson is unstoppable and believes that we can all teach ourselves to do virtually anything….and ya know, I think she’s absolutely right!

Click HERE to hear a podcast featuring Flair herself!

Stacy Alexander