Monday, January 25, 2010

True African Art

Gathinja Yamokoski

Gathinja Yamokoski is an African artist who is working, through her web site, to restore African art appreciation throughout the world. The site serves the purpose of boosting the African art economy by offering a fair marketplace for African artists without exploitation.

In her own art, Gathinja places her focus on the traditional customs and practices of Kenya and says that her paintings are a direct reflection of her spiritual and intellectual growth as a human being.
Hypnotizing Child

I'm in Three Places

African art has a history that is centuries old. Despite strongly influencing Western Art, theirs is still largely a domain that is unknown and given less credit than it deserves However, today, there has been great interest by art enthusiasts who find Africa to be a colossal and thriving home of contemporary African paintings such as this mixed media painting by Michael Wafula:
Prayer- Under God's Eyes

Gathinja started the True African Art web site to give exposure to the largely undiscovered field of Contemporary African Paintings. As a result, its Artists are reaping never before seen publicity, income, and hope.

True African Art

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Gathinja Yamokoski, who was born and raised in Kenya, now lives on the East Coast of the US. Being an artist herself, opening up an original African Art Paintings website was an easy decision for her.

Gathinja says, "I have always loved art and have always shared it."

In the Village

Artists in Kenya often work in networks in order to gain more business. They offer tips to each other of where to find work and who is looking for it. So when word got out that Gathinja was looking to purchase paintings in Kenya, artists swarmed to get in line. One of them was Jared Juguna who created this piece, entitled, "Inside Face"
Inside Face

True African has for sale over 400 original African Paintings by some 40 African Artists. It includes exclusive video interviews with African Artists and employs a small staff of Africans who work on site on the continent. Though the website painting prices range from $10-$750, most are under $100.

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Artist Victoria O'Neill said...

recently met an interesting man who owns a business called material culture in philadelphia. while traveling/buying in africa a couple of years ago he noticed many paintings by various artists depicting obama and his family in all kinds of ways, riding bikes, being held as a baby by his mother, with michelle and the girls, etc. etc. etc. he bought all of them, and has an exhibit of them in his store which is in a humongous old warehouse. it is really something to behold.

Tom Bailey said...

Art from this area of the world is always interesting for me because there seems to be so much untold history connected to it.

Thanks for sharing,
Tom Bailey

holly said...

"True African Art" is interesting and very mysterious.
Thanks for sharing.

Stacy Alexander