Saturday, January 16, 2010

Study With a Mosaic Art Master in Italy!

Imagine yourselves on a hill in Italy standing on the grounds of a beautiful castle from where you can see views over Udine and the exquisite surrounding countryside. As the majestic Alps in the background thrust upward, a master mosaic artist leans over a table in the village below, preparing artists from all over the world to take their skills to a heightened level of expertise. This scenario need not be a figment of your imagination. Mosaic artist, Pam Givens, is a facilitator who brings mosaic artists together to experience this chance of a lifetime opportunity to study with one of the greatest living mosaic artists in the world, Maestro Giulio Menossi

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Maestro Menossi’s specialized techniques are unparalleled in their ability to impart students with the knowledge and skill to reproduce paintings in mosaic with amazing clarity and accuracy. The experience of taking his classes will forever alter one’s approach to the mosaic arts.

The Maestro states:

“I believe that the slow painstaking mosaic process exposes our personal stories. The difficulties of the journey follow the lines of the glass, where each tessera represents a new encounter, where hues and shades harmonize into new colors, where the shapes to close to our noses don’t allow us to recognize the vision as a whole, which we only discover by taking several steps backward and looking with fresh eyes."

"Creating a mosaic is a process of pairing, shaping, adding and removing tessera after tessera until the work is complete. Each piece needs to be chosen not only according to the one that precedes it, but also taking into consideration the ones that will follow. It is a process of deliberate construction and the most important element is passion.”

I encourage you to register for one or both of the two classes that are being offered in May:

Venetian Mosaic Technique Portraiture Course - Double Indirect Method
May 16 - May 28, 2010

Students will be instructed and helped in developing expressive eyes, mouth and stylized hair. They will learn specific andamento for the face, shading, color, cutting and placement that bring life and realism to the human face. Menossi is known as one of the premier portrait mosaicists in the world, and this is your chance for direct guidance in this challenging method.

Copy of a Klimt - Direct Method
May 30 - June 11, 2010

This course offers the student the unique opportunity to work directly learning the techniques of cutting, placement, texture, color theory and artistic interpretation of a painting. Maestro Menossi provides the cartoon, and all material, plus his own inimitable and inspiring style of teaching and method to provide a stellar experience in mosaic discovery.

Here is a video by Pam Givens that gives more detail:

(Please click HERE if you cannot see the video above.)

All the information you’ll need to take this wonderful journey can be found on THIS web site.

You can do this!

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Tom Bailey said...

This looks like it goes way beyond the art of the mosaic. It looks like it is a psychological journey... very interesting.

Tom Bailey

Stacy Alexander