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Linda Vaden-Martin – Mixing Healing with Mosaic Art

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Linda Vaden-Martin

"I believe we are creative beings by nature and to create is therapeutic for our soul."
Linda Vaden-Martin

I’ve known Linda Vaden-Martin through flickr for quite a while now. Additionally, she was one of my son’s (Myles Blackwood) art students a couple of years back, but I didn’t have the opportunity to meet her personally until this past September when I was staying in Aptos, on the Santa Cruz Bay. Mosaic artist and friend, Delaine Hackney drove down from San Francisco to spend the night and Linda joined us for dinner. The three of us had a great time together, laughing and talking.
Linda, Stacy, Delaine
Subsequently, Linda and I walked on the Aptos beach and had a few phone conversations, and as I got to know her better I really started to pay attention to her art in a big way.

It isn’t every day that one finds an artist who is so focused on using her art to the degree Linda does to affect good in the world. Glancing through her portfolio, I discovered her work in, “The Cradle Project”, an installation that was created to promote awareness and raise financial support to help feed, shelter, and educate disadvantaged African children. She isn't doing this to accomplish accolades for herself unlike so many "self-horn-tooters" in the art world, but is doing it out of a genuine concern for these children and for all people.

Linda has a BS in Occupational Therapy and embraces a holistic view of how we, as human beings, are effected by our thoughts, our environments and our overall perspectives. Since I am personally studying psychology with a view toward doing some type of art therapy eventually, Linda’s melding of mosaic art and the healing arts is of great interest to me. She adheres to the simple theory that purposeful activity enriches lives. (A core belief in occupational therapy is that we will flourish by engaging in creative, productive, and playful pursuits.)

The artist states, “I am in an extraordinary position to combine my talents and skills with what I call Therapeutic Mosaics. One of my goals is to facilitate group and community projects that will enrich the lives of those experiencing life challenges, bring community together, and garnish our environment with the beauty of mosaics. My vision is to work with groups of people and their loved ones who have been challenged by devastating illness. I vision a community filled with murals not only to beautify, but to act as an anchor reminding us of what's truly important, each other.”

“I feel mosaics can be likened to life. What may appear to be broken and discarded can be rearranged and transformed into something spectacularly beautiful. In mosaics, as in life, we have many choices to choose from and can easily be overwhelmed. However it isn't until one actually begins to pick the pieces up do we find how easily they fit together. And if they don't, well, that's what we have tools for!”

Much of the strength in Linda’s work lies in her ability to discern and create beautiful and interesting patterns. The surfaces of her mosaics are complex, resembling hand-worked quilts or fine embroidery.

Her subject matter is interesting and often imitates Linda’s strong and playful inner spirit.
Tiny Dancer

Dance Fever

These are examples of more of the work she made in 2009. Note her strong sense of color, texture and design:
Kiss of Love

Back Side of the Sun

Linda lives with her son, Brandon, in Aptos, California where she sometimes teaches mosaic workshops. For more information, please visit her web site, HERE.


Crystal said...

Yay, Linda! Wonderful read, beautiful art!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blog about a beautiful person. It's wonderful, Stacy!
~Carol Shelkin

Anonymous said...

Stacey - you have captured Linda's beauty as it radiates through her art and her care-giving. Thank You
~ Michele

KV Creative Designs said...

Thank you so much Stacy! I love Linda's Art!

Artful Blessings,

Outside The Lines said...

Oh, I enjoyed reading about Linda! I love her mosaics and she has the most engaging smile....would love to meet her in person some day!

Stacy Alexander