Friday, December 18, 2009

The Art of Crystal Thomas

“ Every day I become more addicted and find myself even more overwhelmed by ideas that I’ll likely never have time to bring to life. But that doesn’t stop me from trying.”

Crystal Thomas

Crystal tells me that there is little that strikes such fear in her heart as much as being asked to describe herself as an artist. I don’t think there is an artist reading this blog right now who hasn’t related to this feeling at one time or another, so yeah, Crystal. Join the club. ;-)

Ginko Fan

Her work is marvelous. One might never guess that Crystal was never particularly interested in being an artist until 1998. That was when she tried her hand at mosaics for the first time. She went on to develop her skills in the medium and, in her own words, “…as I continued to explore mosaic, I gradually began to see the world as an endless buffet of color, contrast, texture, and movement. I’m passionate about mosaic art because of the infinite possibilities of style, material, technique, and subject. I don’t feel bad that I can’t sculpt or paint; there’s an entire world of art in mosaics alone.”


Like so many of us who are hooked on mosaics, Crystal readily admits her addiction to cutting and sticking pieces of things together to create new things. She is attracted, in particular, to the elements that are shiny.

Sweet Deception

Several years ago, Crystal found herself creating a lot of mosaic frames and mirrors. She had just completed the twenty sixth piece and had listed it on Etsy, (an online forum for selling hand made items), when a couple from Texas who were opening a retail art establishment bought all of them. Wow! What a sale!

Black and White Skull

Crystal writes, “A few months later, they called with this proposition: “People in Texas really like skulls. Would you be interested in creating a mosaic skull for our store?” “Sure, why not?” I said (trying to hide my skepticism and slight revulsion of the idea, and deciding not to mention my vegetarianism). “Great,” they said. “We’ll send you a couple.” A few weeks later, a box showed up on my doorstep…with FIVE cow skulls inside. Once I got over the initial heebie jeebies caused by handling dead heads, the rest is history. “

Poppies Skull

In 2002, Crystal went on a mosaic tour led by Gina Hubler. Among her tour destinations was the Mosaic Art School in Ravenna where she took a three-day workshop taught by Luciana Notturni.


Crystal says that her personal goals are to simply to continue to learn, experiment and create art that she isn’t embarrassed by and that she would hang in her own home. (I’m thinkin’ MUSEUM here….) She has recently started teaching beginning level mosaic classes in an attempt to create even more hopeless addicts to keep her company.

So far, it appears to be working.

Please CLICK HERE to visit the Crystal Thomas Mosaic Art web site.

Gallery & Retail Representation

• 2009– : Maryland Mosaics, Glyndon, MD

• 2007-2009: Patina, Marble Falls, TX

• 2008, 2009: Ciel Gallery, Charlotte, NC

• 2009: Bassetti’s Crooked Arbor Garden, Woodinville, WA

• 2009: An Ancient Language — A Modern Translation: An Exhibit of Fine Mosaic Art, Granville Center for the Arts, Garland, TX

Publications & Press

• Mosaic Renaissance: Millefiori in Mosaics, Laurel Skye, 2009 (p. 118)

• Mosaic: Finding Your Own Voice, Brit Hammer-Dijcks, 2008 (p. 82)

• Lake Country Life: "Chocolate" skull published, 2008

• Blog features: Mosaic Is Art, Kim Grant Mosaics, Patina, Make Mine Mosaic, Skull-A-Day

Professional Workshops & Education

• 2002: Classical mosaic intensive workshop, Mosaic Art School, Ravenna, Italy:

• 2002: Mosaic Tour of Italy

• 2009: Society of American Mosaic Artists annual conference, San Diego, CA

• 2009: A Lighter Base for 3D Mosaics, Sherri Warner Hunter, San Diego, CA

• 2009: Abstract Mosaics, Sophie Drouin, Portland, OR


• "Modville" wins Flickr cityscape mosaic challenge


Kelley Knickerbocker said...

Right ON, girl!

cbmosaics said...

One of my favorite artists (I own FOUR of Crystal's mosaics, hehe)and friends :-) Thanks for posting!

cbmosaics said...

One of my favorite artists (I own FOUR of Crystal's mosaics, hehe) and friends. :-) Thanks for posting!!

Blink said...

That one, "Journey", reminds me of some of the stuff Susan Crocenzi makes with the polymer clay orbs. Which came first, the chicken or the egg or Crystal or Susan? The b&w cow skull is my favorite. ~B.

Gila said...

I love Crystal's work, always gorgeous & innovative!!

Stacy Alexander