Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Injustice Surrounding artist John T. Unger

This is an outrageous story about an artist I already featured here on my blog awhile back. I encourage everyone who reads this story to please forward it to your friends.


Artist John T Unger, Creator of Artisanal Firebowls, Sued in Federal Court by Imitator, Seeks Help Raising Legal Defense Funds

Artist John T. Unger is getting an unwanted education in copyright law. He appeals to the online community to help him raise funds to win a federal court case that could have far-reaching intellectual property implications for artists and entrepreneurs.

10.26.2009 – When it comes to copyrighted work, how similar is too similar in design, content, or name when someone else creates a product like an existing one?

Intellectual property issues have the potential to affect artists, bloggers, journalists, freelancers, designers and others who make their living through creative, original work, especially if they primarily do so online. Not only money, but also reputation, and customer satisfaction are at stake.

Unger is fighting a Federal lawsuit by FirePitArt.com, whose owner, Rick Wittrig, is seeking to have the copyrights for Unger's original artwork over-turned so Wittrig can continue to manufacture and sell lower-priced products of extremely similar name and design.

When John write to me today, he said this:

"I'm also working on setting up a not for profit foundation to help other artists raise legal fees in defense of their art in the future. It's at www.defendart.org although I haven't had time to flesh it out yet. By the end of the week there should be more there."

Click HERE to see John's web site.

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Virginia Gardner said...

Stacey, I noticed that they reached a settlement; he posted it to his blog Dec 4. He didn't include the details, only that they had reached one.

Stacy Alexander