Friday, October 30, 2009

Kath Jones - Cinnamon Hill Designs

Kath Jones

My transition back into Portland life was made memorably more pleasant by my being contacted by one artist after another within my first week or so. They welcomed me here, invitied me to this get-together and that. I was touched and flattered by their kindness and generosity of spirit. ( BTW, John and I will still have a presence in the Bay Area as well, but it feels great to call Portland home for now.)

One of the artists who contacted me was Kathleen “Kath” Jones, mosaic artist extraordinaire, who lives in nearby Milwaukee, OR. When I looked up her work online, I was taken by the intense textures and color combinations and thought my readers might like to know more. Therefore, I am happy to present this entry about Kath Jones:


Kath is drawn to the beauty of the glaze drip patterns that slide down the sides of the vessels that she smashes to create beautiful pique assiette mosaics.

The artist states:

“I have a special affinity for 'mistakes' on an individual pot. I'm attracted to the colors and textures on these discarded pieces ~ the way the glazes drip down the sides and blend with other glazes can be one of the most beautiful things in the world to me; they are like gemstones! I love to bring new life to these objects that are thrown or given away."

Celtic K

Kath considers neither ceramic tile nor smalti as “her thing”. In addition to broken pottery, she goes for a luxurious array of other tesserae such fluorite, glass, mirror, shells, pebbles, aragonite cluster turquoise…and on and on. Her style is truly unique and easily recognized as her own, as no one else makes mosaic art quite the way Kath does.Quintessence

As I was viewing her work, I noticed a common theme in many of her pieces, namely ray shapes that appear to be emitting from a central concentric focal point. When I asked her what the attraction was to this theme she told me that she has a thing for “for Orbs and continuum.”

Kath’s work is condensed and controlled, yet organic and energetic at once, creating an interesting tension between opposites with spontaneous burst of color throughout.

She also makes figurative works that are strong representations of the real world.

Male Nude

Although art has been a part of her life since she was a child, Kath did not elect to become formally trained as an artist. Instead, she draws on her own imagination to guide her through the processes. Influenced, in part, by the Impressionists, Kath finds a myriad of ways to express herself through her art.
Soaring Off The Precipise

Kath Jones is available for commissioned work. If you would like to learn more about the artist and see other of her works, please visit her web site, “Cinnamon Hill Design.”

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog for a wonderful artist! I am a big fan of Kath's mosaics. There is something special in the way she looks at her materials and combines them to make memorable, unique, beautiful art. Her sense of design and color are extraordinary.

Stacy Alexander