Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Susan Johnson-Walden AKA "BAMA" !

This story begins about twenty years ago when Susan Johnson Walden became enthralled with the idea of making art from stained glass. She was fascinated by the transformation that transpires between glass and light, and noted how a panel seemed to come alive and change as the sun moved across the sky. It was then that Susan decided to undergo her own transformation and become an artist.

Since there weren’t any stained glass classes offered locally, Susan promptly found herself at her local library combing through books that dealt with the subject of stained glass. Soon, she had taught herself the copper foil technique that was made popular by L.C. Tiffany at the turn of the century.

This method of working with stained glass involves wrapping the pieces of glass with copper foil and soldering them together along the length of the seams.

Susan writes, “The closest glass store was 90 minutes away. I went there for supplies and to ask any questions I had. A few years and many projects later, I had a lot of scraps that I couldn't bare to throw away. I made a few kaleidoscopes, but I got bored with them fairly quickly.

That's when I got into mosaics!”

Susan’s first mosaic was a stepping-stone. She loved using her glass to create mosaics and before long, she was hooked. At that time, she worked in a custom frame shop where she first began to sell her work. She has since graduated to more complex projects and designs such as this beautiful birdbath. and this portrait of “Bean” the cat.
When the Internet became popular Susan found a forum where several artist shared projects, tips and encouragement. She is fondly known therein as “Bama” and for saying, “Da-haaaaang!” when she is enthusiastic (or not) about something. Oh, and in case you haven’ t guessed by now, she hails from the Southern US. Here is a picture of her nice little studio where she creates her mosaic magic:

She spends her days and weeks there creating intricate, complex and stunning mosaics.
Blue Jay
Jerry's Butterfly

The support Susan received from her online artist associations was instrumental in her branching out and creating the wide variety of impressive mosaic pieces that are her calling card today. Susan is proud to announce....

“This past year I entered my first art show and won a blue ribbon!”

She placed first in the 3D division of the Winter Arts Festival 2009 Middle Georgia Art Association with her piece entitled, “The Most”
The Most

...and third place in 2D division with one called, "Continuum".

Susan’s work is currently on exhibit at Gallery 51 in Forsyth, GA. You can read more about Susan and her work on her web site by clicking HERE.


HeArt Collective said...

really fantastic work!
thanks for sharing her amazing talent with us, stacy!

Artist Victoria O'Neill said...

love the butterflies and that is such a cute little studio!

Maria said...

Very beautiful mosaics!! I found this blog thru Creative Souls.


Karen said...

Grrreat to have found you again!!
I love your blog... \i will check back!! meanwhile I will add you on my blog...

Stacy Alexander