Monday, May 11, 2009

The results of the April Mosaic ATC Swap

Stacy Alexander
April yielded one of the most fun art swaps I have ever been a part of. I decided to organize a mosaic ATC card swap and put out calls all over the internet. A whole lot of people signed up, but not as many actually sent in their cards. The ones I did receive were so lovely, however, that I decided to feature them all here.

This lovely set was created by Susan Bjerke, who made cards in three distinct styles. All three cards were shiny and glistening. Her choices of mirror, glitter tile and some type of cool glaze over the concentric card was really eye-catching! She added the latter card as an extra and I was so happy!

Stacy Hurt
is a fiber artist who made these very unique and beautiful cards in gold ,red and black. The center tiles are polymer clay and have been stitched on with beads, symbols and a little of this and that. I just love these cards and am so happy that she included an extra for me.

Gila Rayberg absolutely blew me away with these tiny portraits of Anna Marie Cox and Rachel Maddow! She included the smaller heart piece as a gift. I can't believe she got so much detail into a 2.5" x 3.5" space! I can't imagine even taking on an endeavor like this, but Gila totally succeeded!

Check out the tiny detail in these cool polymer clay cards that were made by Gerri Newfry!
I'm not sure which one I love more! They looked really great in person. Each tiny piece was made by hand.

Precise traditional mosaic technique was used in this set by Sharon Curry. The soft, earthy tones really made these cards special! Don't these look like a larger mosaic? I found working with pieces this small to be a real challenge. Sharon accomplished the objective with incredible precision!

Joanie Hoffman
took a less traditional route with her whimsical fish cards. They were made of fabric with bead embellishments and a creatively grouted set of tiny buttons at the bottom.

Deb Aldo
made this pretty, pretty set using two different styles. The one of the left has some of the prettiest green glass I have ever seen. The more modern blue card has mirror in the middle and try as I did, I was unable to take a shot that made it actually look like mirror so I added a lens flare just to so it would look reflective. (Nothing like cheating with Photoshop!). These were really awesome!

Rachel Ogden'
s two cards were created with very thin, delicate glass that shimmered in the light. I had a heck of a time doing them justice with my camera. They were gorgeous in person! I don't know if you can tell by the photo but the one with wire on it is a caged heart and the other one is a bird!

When Sharon Haddockasked if she could send four cards instead of just two, I saw no reason to say no....and man! I'm sure glad she sent them. Each one was wired for hanging and was made of fused glass that she made herself. Some of the glass was transparent, so when you held the cards up to the light, they were just incredible! She also put silvered edging on each card. Wow! She also very generously included some tiny fused glass leaves and other glass goodies in the package.

Johnna Edmondson is another artist who took a non-traditional approach to this project. Aren't these fun?! She sent me an email beforehand and told me she had used something special for the grout, but didn't want to tell me what it was. I had no idea it was going to be fiber! Cool!! I love the hardness of the tile mixed with the soft fiber.

Mindy Brent's
organic card on the left reminds me of that piece that Goldsworthy did at the entrance of the deYoung Museum in San Francisco. It stands in stark contrast to the glitzy glass card on the right! Whoever gets this set will be very fortunate, indeed!

Jessica Sanders
received a lot of buzz over on my Flickr album with these two beauties. They're both remarkable, but folks seemed really crazy about the red flame one. They had an incredible amount of detail in them!

I featured Diane Moore on this blog quite a while ago. She has really earned a name for herself with her legendary bead work. For some reason, the photo makes the beads inside the hearts look widely spaced, but they really weren't. They were tight and just lovely! She did a great job creating these unique beauties!

Stacy Alexander
I made these cards just to even things out. The card on the right was something I made by stacking the tiles on their sides. Susan Crocenzi made a beautiful mosaic using this technique and I made a mental note to try it myself. I really enjoyed the challenges it created!

If you are one of the artists who made cards for this swap, I would appreciate it very much if you would comment here and tell us a little bit about your process, concept or techniques used to make these cards. I'd like to congratulate everyone for doing such a great job! They were all beautiful and I had so much fun seeing all of them in person. FYI, they all went out in today's mail, so should be to you in a couple of days.

Thanks for playing!


Artist Victoria O'Neill said...

these are all so unique and special. what a great collection....

Susan Bjerke said...

Thanks Stacy! This was fun. I've worked with ATC's before, but never in mosaic. The mirrored piece was the first...and was so fast and fun that I decided to move into alternative materials on the next piece. That blue and gold piece has my hand made resin tiles in it. Finally, the third piece is more like mixed media as it uses stuff from my altered art stash and I used a polymer as grout. There are some amazing pieces in the group. Cannot wait to see what I receive. Thanks for the entertainment!!!

Catherine L. Mommsen said...

What beautiful work! Love them all and would be very hard pressed to choose a favorite. Nice array of techniques and materials, too. Mosaic art seems to touch something primal and basic in appreciation for art. Thanks for bringing this altogether for us, Stacy.

Jessica said...

Thanks for hosting, Stacy!! What a great idea. I recieved my surprise today..Gila's Rachel, and Mindy's Wave. I love them both!! They are each unique and wonderful :) I had a great time with this!

Anonymous said...

Stacy this was great fun to do.
I got one of your pieces, love the brilliant colors and I got one of Stacy Hurts piece, the one the left. They are both wonderful and I loved looking at all the others. Gila's pieces were really impressive. Oh, by the way, that really pretty green glass was transparent smalti. Deb Aldo

Stacy Alexander