Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mina Bahic, a Contemporary Romantic

Today, I grouped my featured artist's photographs all together in one shot to illustrate the beautiful and spontaneous interplay between her photography and her paintings.

Twenty two year old North Carolina painter, actor, musician and photographer, Mina Bahic, has managed to harness the same embodiment of elements that spoke to landscapists Albert Bierstadt and Thomas Moran in their work during the Romantic period. Her expressions of deep, richly-colored floating clouds hovering over more color and form are her strongest signature.

She has been painting since she was in third grade and uses art as a therapeutic tool to escape life’s everyday stresses. It is difficult to determine whether her paintings influence her photography or if the photography inspires the billowing hues that softly rest on her canvases.

While Mina's ultra-contemporary abstracts realistically resemble those of the Abstract Impressionists more than they physically resemble anything from the Romantic period, they carry some of the same identifying characteristics of the latter. Namely, her work reflects strong emotion as a source of aesthetic experience. Not surprisingly, she listens to music for inspiration and lets this dictate the mood and lyrical quality of her art. Her saturated colors capture the grandeur of the sky and fire the imagination to interpret the powerful, yet gentle, stories she tells with the two media. Upon viewing her work, one is jettisoned into that unmistakable state of aesthetic pleasure as the beauty of color is arranged in perfect harmony

Interested parties can view more of Mina’s work on her MySpace page.

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