Saturday, May 2, 2009

Karma Hallmark - Concentric Color Dance

Karma Hallmark

I first met Karma when she attended Lamar High School in Houston with my elder daughter, Stacy, Jr. Subsequently she become a close friend to our family and, indeed, seems like one of its members. And although her own Mom is crazy about her (and rightfully so), I often refer to her as my "substitute daughter" or "step daughter".

I have recently returned from a trip to Manhattan where spending time with her rejuvenated my enthusiasm for her spirited and whimsical artistic creations.

Wassily Kandinsky considered the circle to be the most peaceful shape, a shape that represents the human soul. Karma’s paintings capture that same inner resonance by which color touches the soul itself.

Her condensed, kaleidoscopic, jewel-like effects are filled with sudden dynamism, pictorial complexity and energy.

Karma's obvious love of color and awareness of space lend themselves to her characteristic creations of squares with concentric rings or ornamentation in collaged grids or on hand shapes that evoke motion and fervor of spirit, happiness and peaceful celebration.

Karma uses her mixed media paintings as a segue between design school that was based in innovation and technology, into a more connected, harmonious manifestation of her life as an artist.

To create her works, Karma uses a mix of media: watercolor, hard and soft pastels, colored pencils and acrylic paint on either paper or wood.

She applies the soul-touching colors in a way that causes them to play against one another, creating an inner resonance that has a purely spiritual effect.

The bold lines and brilliant hues in Karma's designs transport her art beyond the realm of folk art into a creative springboard of geometric intrigue. Her collages are saturated with wild gyrations of colors that move through space, yet are held together by the consistent square grid. The repetitive circular patterns on her hand symbols evoke images of Indian mendi gone wild. There is so much action in them that one could say they are expressions of events, that is, of unfolding time.

Karma holds double degrees from the University of North Texas in Radio, TV and Film and anthropology. Her masters is from Illinois Institute of Technology, Institute of Design in Design Planning. Check out her web site at: KARMA WORKS

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Anneke said...

wow catherine
what a lovey and colorfull work.
i like them all and great painted

Stacy Alexander