Thursday, May 7, 2009

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Karen Pearle
"You must become aware of the richness in you and come to believe in it and know it is there."
Brenda Ueland

Recently, I was a guest at the studio of one Ms. Karen Pearle. My journey through Karen’s special world of mosaic art began when I walked through her white gate and onto the walkway through a beautiful Zen garden. The roses were blooming and this set the mood for the entire visit.

The first thing evident when stepping inside her studio, was Karen's obvious passion for the art she creates. Early roots of this passion sprang from sitting as a child in a synagogue. “I would find refuge from the sermons and chants by gazing longingly at the stained glass windows, filled with luminous color that would change as the light changed.” As an adult, she fills her walls and life with the same luminous colors that inspired her childhood dreams.

Karen’s prolific body of work spans many different subjects and emotions. Her expressive portraiture is particularly interesting. Einstein’s face staring out from broken shards of pottery and glass and the three portraits of Van Gogh are among my personal favorites, but these works only touch the surface in terms of Karen’s versatility.

The woman in her “Spirit of Unity” piece reminded me of Frida Kahlo.

“My work is a passionate and imaginative exploration of color and form in the ancient, yet new medium of mosaics. Stained glass and mixed media give this medium a tactile and brilliantly reflective quality.”

When she isn’t making mosaics, Karen does healing work that is designed to help people recover from stress and trauma. She also assists individuals in getting in touch with and deepening their creativity and purposes in life. Her Healing Practice, Chi Nei Tsang, is located in Oakland, where for 15 years she has specialized in these areas. The small room where she does her this work is filled with the art that is spiritual in nature. For example, this striking triangle piece rests on the wall at the head of the massage table where the work takes place.

All of the walls hold spiritually inspired colorworks of depth and tactile wealth and significance in meaning.

This bird piece was a healing experience for Karen after the death of her mother.

She created a series of circular mosaics inspired by Katsushika Hokusai’s, “Great Wave”.

Karen received Master of Fine Arts from Queens College in New York in 1990. You may find more pictures of her work on her web site at Pearl Glass Mosaics. Contact the artist directly at

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Lynne said...

I'm so glad you did a piece on Karen, Stacy. I love her style.

Stacy Alexander