Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Suzanne Smith - Mosaics- a New World Order

Mosaics represent a smashing of one world and a reassembly into a new order which is symbolic of all the art I have done in my life.

Suzanne Smith

Suzanne Smith
San Diego mosaic artist, Susanne Smith, created a mosaic workshop for adults with developmental disabilities at the St Madeline Sophie's Center in El Cajon, California. She then went on to do her own mosaics inspired by the Southern California cacti.

"I like to work in three dimensions and consider my creations garden sculpture."

Suzanne is a member of the Spanish Art Village Art Community and currently works as a Program Assistant with the Glenner Center where she makes art and music with folks who have Alzheimer Disease.

"Diversity" is the best word to describe Suzanne's art career. She writes, "I have lived in all sorts of situations around the world. I taught English in a school in India and Art in junior high on the Island of Guam. I got my degree in Art Education at the University of Washington in 1970. For twenty five years I lived in the wilderness of Southeast Alaska and did paintings of icebergs and mermaids. I also did many fish prints of large salmon. I lived for three months in Indonesia and studied Batik with Bagong Kassudirdja on Java. I did my own version of Batik paintings for the Pike Place Public Market in Seattle and worked at the Daniel Smith Art Supply Store there."

She says that she looks for her soul in her art.

" At that time I had an exhibit of my paintings that depicted exploding things. I exploded all sorts of items such as watermelons, apples, bridges, rubber ducks, computers etc. I was going thru a divorce and this study was a natural expression of those times. Then I got involved with a mentally disabled Vietnam Veteran and started a series of upside down paintings. I formed a partnership with another artist who was Vietnamese and he painted things upside down too. He had been a boat person coming over from Vietnam."

"I am a contributing artist at the Smash Shack here in San Diego where people go to smash plates and glass goblets as a kind of therapy. They let mosaic artists use the scraps and display their works in the shop."

"In an effort to explore the pure beauty of the world I currently do paintings of Palm Trees and drawings with a figure study group."

Interested parties can see more of Suzanne's work on HER BLOG.

Stacy Alexander