Friday, March 13, 2009

Ellen D. Stern - A Mixed Bag of Artful Enthusiasm

First things first....Congratulations to Lynne Mossiman, the latest Listen to my Art Beat blog art drawing winner. I will be mailing out a great DVD to Lynne that is about the 1,000 Journals project just as soon as I can get my act together and make it to the post office.

Speaking of freebies....a pal of mine from Creative Souls, Artist Victoria O'Neal, is giving away a very cool print on her blog. Go to this link and leave a comment to be entered to win:

Today's featured artist is Ellen D. Stern, someone whose fanciful creations are very cool!

Escaping Man
Originally from the Bronx, New York, self-taught conceptual artist, Ellen D. Stern, uses combinations of disparate objects, textures, and references in her work that are able to engage the viewers' emotions, humor and intellect. Her quirky and unique style is multi-disciplinary and therefore, offers something for most everyone. By looking at her work, one would never guess that she was an insurance company employee for nineteen years when she lived in New York.
Often feminine in theme, Ellen's mixed media works range from free-form basketry to mosaic art.

Homage to the Venus of Willendorf
Now residing in Michigan, Ellen attempts to show viewers the process of creation within each piece of art itself. She stated, “I see objects either in nature or man-made and they inspire me to create a piece of "found" art or else I just want to combine bright colors in new ways, or else I am affected by current events in the news. It's all an expression of how I feel.”

Portrait of a Man
“I hope to transmit to the viewer the same Eureka! moment that I experienced in conceiving the idea of the piece.”

I have embarked on many simultaneous missions:
I play God(dess), attributing characteristics to my medium and by being consistent within one piece, I aim to convince the audience of their validity.
In some instances, I find, recreate, ...


To see more of Ellen’s work, please visit HER WEB SITE.

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artist victoria o'neill said...

stacey, thanks so much for mentioning the butterfly accordion man give away. and happy to hear that you are enchanted with the wrapadoodle. moms and babies love them. The escaping man mosaic is awesome......

Stacy Alexander