Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Therese DesJardin Studio

Santa Fe, New Mexico is the gathering place for artists of many diciplines. Today's featured artist, Therese DesJardin, lives in Santa Fe where she owns and operates Therese DesJardin Studio.

She was born in Minneapolis and raised in Florida where she began her art career after graduating from U. of F. with a B.A. in Art Education. She eventually moved to the Connecticut River Valley and began to paint and create the mosaics which I am pleased to feature here today. She tells me she is beginning a new series of work and I will give an update with that once she is finished.

This piece, called, “Terra Song” Infusion of Spirit into Matter” demonstrates Therese’s proclivity toward feminine, layered and sensual work. There is a quietness inherent in her pieces that invites the viewer to pause and take in the subtle details that would be lost at first glance. Her carefully chosen color palettes enhance an emotional expansiveness and contemplation.

In 17th century Turkey, secret messages were conveyed by sending flowers, each one of which had a special meaning. Therese's “Moon Flowers” depicts a beautiful arrangement of individual flowers with messages of their own.

All of Therese’s mosaics incorporate the same qualities of femininity and gentle quiet with the added dimension of the contrasts between man-made objects and natural materials.
Dancing Goddess

Rocks, gem stones, petrified wood, glass, and all types of ceramics create a wondrous montage of effects as demonstrated by this mosaic mandala table.

The elemental and tactical qualities of the objects used in Therese's mosaics add their own distinctive essence to the mix. Various patterns and cuts are arranged in such a way that one object often appears to morph into another as evidenced by this backsplash commission piece called, “Yellow Kayak Iris and Lupin”.

Three-dimensional, materials can protrude and serve a functional purpose. Yet, the lines and craftsmanship of Therese’s work are highly refined, displaying the delicacy of a painting achieved with a saw.

This delicious mural is called, “Blueberry Pie and Bagets”

Therese has participated in a large number of collaborative exhibitions. Her solo exhibitions includ:

"Essence and Soul," Santa Fe Soul, Santa Fe, NM February 2007
"Emergence," Sanctuary Yoga, Torrington, CT November 2005
"Spring Opening," private reception, Madison, CT April 2003
"Summer Solstice," private reception, Haddam, CT June 2001

In addition to creating mosaic art, Therese is also a fantastic painter. Judging by the painterly quality of her mosaic work, it is evident that one media appears to influence the other.

Crab Apple

Therese is available for commission work and can be contacted through her web site HERE, where she has galleries of both her mosaic work and her paintings.

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