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Jane Kellogg - Bits 'N Pieces of Wyoming

Cody is a city in Park County, Wyoming that is named after William Frederick Cody, primarily known as Buffalo Bill. Among its’ population of about 10,000 people lives self-taught mosaic artist, Jane Kellogg.

Jane has a knack for working with different types of tesserae to fulfill the challenge of making it all come together into mosaic pieces that represent, among other things, Wyoming’s native wildlife and beautiful landscapes. Her combinations of colors breathe energy and life into her work.

Hot Summer Sun

“I first fell in love with this form at the Bardo Museum in Tunis where a wealth of mosaics, dating from pre-Roman times delight the eye.”
Spring Garden
Detail from Spring Garden

Some of Jane’s inspiration comes from her abundant flower gardens. However, she has a special talent for capturing the likenesses of the bountiful wildlife that roams the hills and valleys of her state. Meet, Bubba!

The substrate for Bubba was created by sculptor Jeff Rudolph .

Jane wrote, “The only trouble was all those grooves and crevices were impossible to mosaic so I filled them in with thinset.”

(Bubba was sold to Groathouse Construction for $15,000!)

Jane’s penchant for animals doesn’t stop with Bubba. She colorfully represents animals in both 2 and 3 dimensional pieces. Note how well she has captured the personality of this rooster:

The Early Bird

Check out her 3D “Blue Fish”
Blue Fish

Jane is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University and studied art at the York
(PA) Academy of Arts. She is a member of the Society of American Mosaic Artists and
the Cody Country Art League. She runs a mosaic business called, “Bits ‘N Pieces” that produces decorative mosaic items for the home and garden such as picture frames, mirrors, flower pots, watering cans and birdhouses. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind original design made up of many individually hand-cut pieces, which could be stained glass, china, tiles, glass nuggets and other unusual found objects. You can check out Jane’s work on her web site at CLICK HERE:

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