Sunday, February 15, 2009

1,000 Journals

This month, courtesy of my Creative Souls pal, Andrea Kreuzhage, I will be offering a free DVD to the lucky subscriber who wins the art giveaway for February! Meanwhile, I'd like to introduce to you the feature length documentary 1000 Journals that Andrea made. I've been interested in this project for a long time!

The Story in short: 1000 Journals are traveling from hand to hand throughout the world. One came back. Where are the other 999?

A peek into the film:

If you are unable to see the video above, please click HERE.

1000 Journals is a film about people whose lives are touched by 1000 traveling journals. These blank journals were released into the world in the summer of 2000, by Someguy, a San Francisco based artist. Some people found a journal, or got it from a friend or stranger. Some signed up on the web and received it in the mail. Some wrote in them, others doodled, pasted in photographs, or added artworks. Some kept them. Some passed them on. There are no rules, and no one really monitors these journals and their movements. And yet, they are connecting tens of thousands of people worldwide, provoking and inspiring them.

In September 2003, one of the 1000, number 526, returned to Someguy, filled. What happened to the other 999? This film tells their stories. 1000 Journals shares the experience of their worldwide journeys, and chronicles the self-governed collaboration of thousands of random people who have added to this global "message in a bottle."

1000 Journals has traveled the international film festival circuit for the past year, and is currently on exhibition at the SF MOMA. But wherever you are, you can now see the film on DVD!


Official website, with many more images, videos, F.A.Q., upcoming screenings and events, and a blog:

Direct link to Amazon

If you're itching to start or join a traveling journal, check out 1001 Journals, the sister site.

If you're a teacher and are planning to use 1000 Journals in the classroom, please feel free to join the 1000 Journals Extension, a teachers' network, with study materials and plenty of D.I.Y. tips.

As mentioned earlier, Andrea has most generously agreed to donate a DVD for this month's Listen to Your Art Beat art giveaway, so sign up for a FREE subscription to be qualified for the February drawing.

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andrea said...

Thanks so much, dear Stacey! Lovely post. If your readers and fellow artists have any questions, please feel free to contact me via our website

Much love,

KV Creative Designs said...

I saw the film, met Andrea and looked at the Journal that came back! Such an inspiration story and idea! I hope more return!
Artful Blessings,

Stacy Alexander