Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Mad Artistic Genius of Cameron Forsley

I met Cameron Forsley last spring in San Francisco at a Hayes Valley sidewalk art sale . He was selling his art next to where husband, John, and I were selling ours.

I was taken with the intensity and intelligence inherent in Cameron’s intricate renderings. His work reminded me a lot of the work of R. Crumb, founder of the famous ribald Zap Comix during the Haight-Ashbury wonder years of the ‘60’s. I brought Cameron’s card home with me and have kept it propped up on my computer desk ever since.

Like Crumb, Cameron Forsley is an architect of transcendent artistic skill, inventiveness and versatility. His works are irreverent, excruciatingly funny satires of the human condition.

Cameron, who was born in 1983 and started drawing at age five. He says he used to have night terrors ...and I’m assuming he mentioned this because they helped inform his art. He says that his artistic talent came from his Mother’s side of the family. Cameron and his late, schizophrenic Aunt were the only two who pursued art into adulthood
Tea Goblins

He drew for the school newspaper in third grade. Later, in high school, he won the Benson Ritter, Farrington Editorial cartooning contest and received a scholarship to art school. He went to Paris as a means of self-reward for his accomplishments, spending a month there wandering around museums, drawing and meeting people. He described it as a “magical time” and highly recommends this venue to all artists.

Untitled (Paris)

His clients include the London News Review, Phoenix New Times, Cleveland Scene, Houston Press, Birdman Records, Aiga, and Khop to name a few.
Wolf Spider

He now lives in San Francisco hustling the underground and finishing up a highly-guarded secret book with his brother. At this time, Cameron does not have a web site.

“I'm just about staying true,doing what I love.”

Love Lisa

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