Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mosaic / Sculpture Crayola Artist

An artist creates sculptures using up to 250,000 colouring crayons
Picture credit: HERB WILLIAMS / SOLENT

Artist, Herb Williams, 36, uses so many crayons he has a personal account with manufacturer Crayola and has the company on speed dial.

His works include animals, household items, and celebrities, such as this sculpture of Johnny Cash, the Man in Black

The smaller works sell for around £650, while the larger pieces have a price tag of £40,000

His most iconic portraits include Barack Obama...

...and a naked Marilyn Monroe, made primarily of peach-coloured crayons

He lists artists such as Damien Hirst, Banksy and Duchamp among his influences and describes his work as "post-post-post-pop"

The married father-of-two from Tennessee said: "I'm one of the only individuals in the world with an account with Crayola and have more cases of crayons in my studio than anyone should have a right to own"

The crayons are delivered in single-colour boxes of 3,000 sticks and fill his studio from floor to ceiling.

His work may be purchased online at: Herb Williams Art


myerscho said...

Wow That dress is really cool!!!

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I really love the crayon art! Thanks for highlighting artists. great job!


Stacy Alexander