Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Martin Waugh - Liquid Sculpture

Before I show you more work from Martin Waugh, an artist I've written about previously, I want to share this awesome video with you about a fountain in Japan that makes art with the water:

Please click HERE if you can't see it.

Martin Waugh, creates art out of drops of water ("liquid sculptures")through the use of high-speed photography. By varying the size, speed and position of drops, as well as the color, viscosity, and surface tension, a panorama of color, movement and intrigue is created.

Martin juxtaposes colored liquid with vivid backgrounds to create emotional impact and dramatic flair to his work:

Martin says, "I orchestrate these sculptures by accurately aiming the drops and releasing them with precise timing. As nature takes its course, I photograph the unfolding forms using a digital camera and electronic flash. I instigate the myriad of shapes by varying the drops' trajectories and manipulating their physical properties. Color, viscosity, and surface tension are controlled with dye, glycerin, and soap."

Click HERE to read an interview with Martin that goes into detail about the process he uses to create these photographs and click HERE to visit Martin's liquid sculpture web site where your eyes will be treated to some serious art candy!

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