Thursday, September 25, 2008

Michele Price - Priceless Pieces

When I asked South African mosaic artist, Michele Price to describe herself, she wrote, “42 single and loving it”.

She lives in a small seaside resort called "Gonubie" on the East Coast of South Africa Michele studied fashion design, traveled overseas for 4 years and returned to South Africa to end up in the corporate world behind a desk and computer which she reports nearly killed her working as an HR Officer. She left that job and decided to followher dream of of teaching what she does best. Her class began with eight women
and now she has a full time business running with morning, afternoon and evening classes .(Fabric Painting, Mixed Media and mosaic) . Mosic, of course, is her favorite.

Self-taught, Michele’s mosaics take on a painterly quality that demonstrates controlled chaos and a mind-boggling attention to every small detail. She said she really loves what she does, and it shows! The work is graceful, yet bursting at the seams with intense strength, energy and happiness.

It takes real talent to create the bold, energetic work that Michele creates using the soft earth tones that are so brilliantly utilized here. This exterior wall application was created by Michele in browns and blacks with mirror accents. Shown here still under construction, it is called, "Leather and Love".

She uploads pictures of her work to flicker where she likes to look to other artists’s work for inspiration. She says this keeps her going as she also teaches her skills to others. If you would like to see more of Michele’s work, please click here:

Michele's email address is:

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wako said...

Hi Stacy,

I found your site through 29Gifts. This installation of art is wonderful. Delightful and imaginitive. Everday beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Does the artist have a site?

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