Monday, September 22, 2008

Louise Robinson - Art & Ghosts

Louise Robinson of Art&Ghosts creates stunning digital paintings/illustration. She uses a photoshop /wacom combo to meticulously hand color each image. Her works are informed by a plethora of sources, including fairytales, mythology, dolls, spectres, dreams and nature.

Louise' inspiration takes wing in her designs that center around the worlds of children.

Whimsical, imaginative, and delightful, Louise’s designs add a touch of serendipity to art.

" My images usually begin with a photograph, a painting or a doll portrait. I buy many dolls then sell them on for this reason alone (so fickle!), although i do possess a somewhat overbearing collection of plastic animals, dolls house furniture and vintage frocks. My backgrounds are generally my own paintings or textures that i have created or photographed. Although most of my ‘completed’ work is digital, my sources are rather ecclectic at best. – louise"

Louise Robinson limited prints can be purchased through HER ETSY SHOP online.

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Deborah Schoen said...

I love Louise Robinson's work. I read her article in Stampington's Artists' Cafe. She is amazing!

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