Saturday, September 27, 2008

Keisuke Saka - Paper Sculptures

Cheers for Denmark
I'm a paper freak who is always on the prowl for new and exciting art work made from or on paper. I was pleased to hear back from Chinese artist, Keisuke Saka, this morning because he creates some of the most incredible paper sculptures I've seen.

About the beautiful piece shown above, the artist states, "Four characters on the background mean "Cheers for Denmark". I tried to incarnate the typical Oriental image in the Western head and I seemed to succeeded. In reality, this is very Chinese style .... this is the way commercial artist goes."

The piece above is on display in the Praesto Fire Engine Museum.

This lobster sculpture was created from metallic paper.

This bento box is also 100% paper as is the spinning wheel below it.

These paper beetles are called, "maimai".

The dragonfly is called "Tonbo".

Keisuke has also created a number of paper animations that are hilarious. In particular a penguin that flaps its wings and moves about. You can see this and similar creations from other artists here.

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