Friday, September 19, 2008

John T. Unger's Bottlecap Mosaic Fish

Thanks goes out to artist John T. Under this morning, for consenting to be featured on this blog. For the purpose of this entry, I've chosen to feature his mosaic bottlecap fish, although John's array of talents goes far beyond this one area.

The creative mandate for Unger is "sustainable design with an edge."

“Just because we're good doesn't mean we have to be boring, right? I think there's a place for rock n' roll to dance with environmental responsibility in a house shakin' way. If green products are to compete in the market, they need to be sexy, sleek and chic— cooler than new.”

I can’t think of anything cooler than John’s bottle cap mosaic fish! You can purchase these babies on John’s Etsy site. and I’ve already started to save my pennies!

John writes:
“Surprise and beauty are a good start, but I expect more and so should you. As an artist and designer, I am intensely committed to sustainable design practices and materials in the following ways:

I work primarily with recycled or re-used materials. This is the best way I know to minimize my impact on natural resources, climate and the environment. In addition, I feel that creative re-use has the potential to spark new ways of looking at the world… if one thing can be turned into another, what else can we change? Successful recycled art and design encourages creativity in others— it's alchemical, magical, subversive, and transformative by nature. I feel that only be a good thing.

I design for permanence. Most of my objects will last generations with little or no maintenance. I try to create objects that will never go out of style by drawing from primal metaphor and classical elements of design that speak to what it means to be human and alive.

I design for functionality. My work is intended to be useful as well as beautiful. I enjoy the practical aspect of art and feel that engineering is as critical as ingenuity in the creation of solid works of art. Where possible, I design for easy disassembly for shipping or later re-use of materials.”

John also creates these more traditionally-set mosaic fish:

If you’d like some good creative inspiration, visit John’s blog. There you will see more examples of his mosaic work and also the awesome welded fire pits that he makes:

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