Sunday, September 7, 2008

Female Identity - Colette Calascione

Colette Calascione

Colette Calascione received a BFA in 1995 at the San Francisco Art Institute, She is now based in New York where she makes paintings that are unified by both a strong flavor of Victorian-style naturalism and the theme of “female identity”.

She paints surreal, exquisitely detailed classical style portraiture, ranging from rich and vibrant pin-up interpretations, to surreal reckonings inspired by books and images of vintage ephemera - particularly from the Victorian era.

Likewise, her painting technique (in part) draws on the past, and the modus operandi of old master painters. It is from this careful execution of technique, Collette beguiles us with her images and her vision…

"I do a coat of Caput Mortem—which is an old-time technique, an earth red—and over that I’ll put three layers of white and a layer of green which neutralizes the red. All that creates an optical gray, a grisaille. Then the color starts happening and that’s the tortuous stuff" - Colette Calascione

Especially prominent in her paintings is her luminescent and gentle handling of detailed fabrics, flesh, faces with piercing “look at me” eyes and enchanting “Mona Lisa” smiles. These prominent elements along with provocative erotic poses and stories aim to seduce the viewer…

Ms. Calascione's web site is located HERE, where you may view other paintings and biographical information.

The artist is represented by The Nancy Hoffman Gallery in New York.

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