Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Deb Carlson Wight - Texas Mosaic Artist

Deb Carlson Wight
San Antonio mosaic artist, Deb Carlson Wight, began her art career early in life, sketching everything from cartoons to flowers in the backyard. Her parents were supporting influences who encouraged her natural talent as she attended Stephen F. Austin State University. After earning her BFA, Deb began designing logos and exploring different art media. Subsequently, Deb has worn many hats. She has worked as a graphic artist, a ballroom dancer, gallery bookkeeper, massage therapist, payroll clerk, and now as a computer programmer. However the one current that has run though Deb’s life is that of art. Above all, she remains an artist.

“I found mosaics on daytime tv while being bed bound after a fall in 1997. When I was able to get around I made my first pot and the rest, they say, is history. After creating and selling my share of birdhouses and pots, I was ready to move into more personalized mosaics. I wanted to work with my clients on a piece that would enhance their surroundings while heightening their appreciation for the arts. I love working closely with my clients, hearing their ideas about what they want to see in their new art piece and then seeing their faces when I deliver their vision artistically rendered into something they never imagined at all.”

“I am devoted to memories. I believe people should surround themselves with art and the most important art to me is filled with memories. I believe it’s important to scrapbook, display and have photos created into art. I am dedicated to keeping the history of “memoryware” alive by creating original works of art using photographs and mementos.”

Realizing the importance of recycling, Deb re-purposes a lot of materials into her art work. She uses found wood in her latest creations.

“Being a new ranch owner, I began finding sticks and pieces of fallen wood to have such a beautiful artistic quality I could not help but to create a mosaic with them. I feel I have found my own unique way to recycle and bring natures beauty into the home."

"My passion is and will always be art. I believe everyone should have some form of art in their lives. Whether you create it, collect it or just go out and appreciate it.”

Readers who are interested in learning more about Deb Carlson Wight can visit her web site.

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