Monday, September 8, 2008

Chigirie - Paper Meets Mosaic

Note: I haven't been announcing the winners of my monthly art giveaways on the blog here, but they are still going on. Last month's winner of a small mosaic box was Ms. Merry Mobiley from Richmond, Va.

The Japanese art of painting with paper called, "Chigirie", creates soft, delicate mosaic collages, usually of landscapes or flora by applying thin, delicate layers of paper on a thicker paper base until the desired effect is achieved.

Japanese papers such as Chaco Paper, a water erasable transfer paper, and Washi Paper, a hand-dyed, fiber-laden paper are used.

This type of work differs from what Westerners commonly think of as collage as the papers used have much longer fibers that give a more painterly effect.

The pieces are torn by hand, the fibers straightened to flow in one direction, and are pasted on a type of fine Japanese paper called Sjikishi board, which is commonly used for poetry or watercolor painting.

Cutting the paper with instruments such as knives or scissors are strictly forbidden in Chigirie paper painting. Each piece must be torn by hand which gives the art work it’s characteristic soft edges.

Pennsylvania readers can see some beautiful works of the artist who created many of the pieces shown here. Joan Mead-Matsui, became interested in making Chigirie during her visits to Japanese paper shops while traveling with her husband, Kunihiko Matsuia Kyoto native who is also an artist living in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Joan's exhibit at Everything Natural, 426 State Street in Clarks Summit, PA. will be up until Friday, October 24. Phone 570-586-9684 for more information.

Her work is is permanently displayed at Art Gallery 408 and the Hilton Scranton & Conference Center in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Readers may view more of Joan's work at HER WEB SITE.

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