Saturday, August 2, 2008

Xuan My Ho - Swan Mosaic

Her name is Xuan My Ho. Her first name, "Xuan" is pronounced "Swan" in English and her work is easily recognizable by her signature swan logo. She is a Vietnamese American mosaic artist who currently hails from California.

During a visit to Barcelona in 1998, Xuan was inspired by Antoni Gaudi's use of mosaic in his architectural structures.
Gaudi detail
The discovery of his work was the impetus behind her pursuit of mosaic art. She began to research different techniques and methods until she perfected her own.

In this mixed media piece, Xuan emphasizes the unusual shape of the organic substrate by using unconventional, geometric and abstract patterns of one form on another.

Skateboarding Time
This piece combines rich, varied texture with strong horizontal lines to create an energetic, dynamic representation of a popular California sporting activity.

Rock Park
Equally interesting is this strong study in texture and form entitled, “Rock Park”.

Xuan's mosaic style spans the range of traditional, pique assiette, to the exotic. Marble, seashells, and other materials are commonly found in her art pieces. Each tesserae is meticulously hand-cut to achieve the perfect look. Her diverse interests continue to grow as Xuan challenges herself with new methods of creative expression each year.

Click here to see a multi-viewed video of Xuan’s piece, “The Kiss” which was exhibited in the Art Museum of Los Gatos, California.
The sculpture is a near-full-size shape of a man and a woman from the waist up, embracing.

The Kiss
The couple is created with a repertoire of mosaic materials which are layered over the Styrofoam core covered with fiber mesh and mortar. Here, one can witness the compassion of love through their embrace. Multi colors of grout are employed to enhance the image. On the base of the sculpture, two layers of mirrors with varieties of colored tiles, tempered glass, and vitreous glass reflect the couple's happiness.


"This mermaid enjoys her break from the ocean and is bathing in the sun. As her hair flows carelessly over her shoulder, she shows off her delicate seashell and majestic body to the outside world."

Xuan’s work has been featured in a number of books and magazines. (One of her pieces, the "Four Seasons" was acquired by a famous rock musician.) She makes both interior and exterior mosaic art, including intricate water fountains such as her Lions Head fountain. (below)

Xuan has an exhibit in the Annual Kings Mountain Art Fair on Labor Day Weekend. The art fair is held in the woods at 13889 Skyline Boulevard, Woodside, Ca 94062. Visit HERE for more information about the fair.

Xuan teaches mosaic classes on weekends for both private and group lessons. Her classes are inclusive of all levels, styles, experience and any type of project. If you are interested in taking a class, please email her directly for inquiries regarding times and prices:

Read more about Xuan and see additional photos of her fabulous work.

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