Saturday, August 23, 2008

Violise Lunn - Paper Clothing Sculptures

I'm writing to you this morning from my friend, Delaine's house in San Francisco. I was out walking her dog in Golden Gate Park when I saw a woman walk by carrying a large paper sculpture of a goat attached to a long pole. There is a concert going on across the street all weekend and I've seen any number of these paper sculptures, but their significance remains a mystery. They are cool, though, and I love 'em!

Anyone who knows me also knows that I am crazy about paper arts. Earlier today, my friend, Tammy, sent me information about an artist who makes sculptural paper dresses and shoes. Light as air, these works of art hang in museums and galleries across Europe.

Copenhagen artist Violise Lunn was born in 1969. She studied fashion design at Denmark’s Design School and has operated her own studio in Copenhagen since 1997. She specializes in the design and making of one of a kind pieces of clothing for women. However, alongside creating these wearable items, she also has a passion for making unwearable paper clothing sculptures.

Finding perfect freedom in paper through sculpting figure silhouettes, angels and her favorite theme, shoes, Violise creates sheer lightness and utter fragility combined with experimental reflection about what these objects represent.

Allowing herself to divide her time between these two art forms, the usable and the “useless”, Violise Lunn lets them feed each other with inspiration. Their origins is the same – to permit dreaminess and the search for perfection.

A Violise Lunn garment, be it wearable or not, is timeless, References to both the past and fantasies of the future can be found, but far more important is that each piece struts a suprising and uplifint indifference to what else is going on in the world.

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machinarex said...

Those are stunning...*especially* like the one with the spinal column!

Stacy Alexander