Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lynne "Millimomo" Mosiman

Those of us who know Lynne Mosiman from flickr, know her best by the name, “Milli MoMo”. Her art photos featuring her concrete work and mosaics have delighted us time and time again. She says that her favorite artists are two mosaic pals of us both, Susan Crocenzi and Karen Pearle, but she is a cheerleader for all artists with her friendly nature and encouraging spirit. She brings us together by hosting the Mosaic Challenge group and by making other unifying gestures.

Lynne's mosaic work encompasses a wide variety of techniques and styles and best represents her playful side. She calls this whimsical piece, “Ethel”. Ethel was her first concrete piece and resides in Lynne’s daffodils awaiting mosaic embellishment on her glasses and face.

Lynne’s work takes on a sensual quality in this delicious-looking altered box.

About her interest in art, Lynne writes:

“My interest in visual arts started early with me spending many a Saturday morning clipping snowflakes out of notebook paper while watching cartoons. This naturally led to participation in the Smokey the Bear Fire Prevention Poster Contest each year where my entries always placed in the top three. That’s some highbrow art right there! ;-)

Later, a favorite high school art teacher was integral in demonstrating that art was a million more things than I thought it was. She showed us that art lived outside lines and expectations; it could be loose and emotional, and it could be anywhere. Perfection was not required.”

"In a wonderfully serendipitous way “loose, imperfect and emotional” came together with my constant attraction to color and texture the first time I noticed abstract mosaic art and realized I could do that. The possibilities of color and texture and form and function did, and still do, make me giddy."

"It took a short time to realize mosaics also fit nicely with my concern for our environment and the creatures with whom we share the earth. Where else can you use all those broken tiles and plates and windows that would go into a landfill to beautifully cover an old chair or homely vase headed to yet another landfill?"

“Dinah the Fur Seal” is the mosaic of which I’m most proud. She was made as part of a huge mural that will be displayed in Australia in memory of Steve Irwin, and she was inspired by the plight of the Canadian harp seals."

“Lily Pads” is my favorite mosaic, because I just plain like it. It uses my favorite colors and the mirror pieces and gems are really nice under candles."

Interested parties can join Lynne’s fun mosaic challenges by going to her blog.

See her great collection of photos on flickr, please CLICK HERE:

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Anonymous said...

Stacy, you tell a nice story about a lovely lady. Lynne, nice to know a bit more about you, Lynne...cartoons! You can live at my house. lol


Stacy Alexander