Friday, August 22, 2008

Lynn Dowing - Imagine

Art, music and theater have always been a part Lynn Dowing’s life.

“I have been fortunate to have been affiliated with B St Theater in Sacramento, I taught in the San Juan Unified School District, held private mosaic classes for children and offered mosaic classes through the Natural Food Coop and mosaic and “trendy scarf” classes through a local craft store.

While I was teaching I took a class, Art for Teachers. In that class one of the requirements was to go to a school and teach an art project. Well, I became the “come-to my-school “gal and many of the students used my class as their project school. I was very inspired by the enthusiasm and varied types of art from these student teachers.”

Five years ago Lynn was working for a stained glass master craftsman. While she was there, a woman from Australia came to town and was learning to make stained glass. Marina shared her style with Lynn and then left!

So, with no formal training Lynn has used a combination of stained glass techniques with what she terms as her “hit and miss style” to come up with her own signature mosaic work. Her grandchildren are her test classes.

Lynn writes:
“I am the resident artist of The Art Farm which has a rich harvest of handmade scarves, yarn and clothing, jewelry, mosaic art and a harvest of seasonal offerings. My harvest from the sea is a bounty of functional marlinspike seamanship. My Dad has been doing knot magic for years. I finally figured out what a great skill that is.”

Lynn says that she now has a new quest, and that is to start making homemade paper, per one of my blog entries!

It just never ends!

Please CLICK HERE to visit Lynn's flickr album where she has photos of some of her other work.

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