Saturday, August 30, 2008

How to Draw Eyes - Tutorial

This is a quick little tutorial on how to draw eyes. The eyes shown here are rather cartoonish, but one can always develop these into more realistic-looking eyes. The point of these exercises is to teach drawers how to render the basic shapes, so grab a pencil and have fun!

Figure Drawing and Composition, Richard G. Hatton

The eyeball is located in a socket in the skull. The socket itself is roughly rectangular and slanted slightly down to the outside of the face.
In this drawing A is the upper notch of the eye socket and corresponds to the greatest rise of the eyelid. B is the boney outer top edge of the eye socket and corresponds with the fleshy buldge above the eye. C is the boney outer structure of the eye socket which is relected in the shape of the skin at tht point. D is the lower outer edge of the eye socket. E is the lower lid. F is the smoothest part of the eye socket. H is a nasal bone. I is the lower border. J is the ridge toward the nose. L is the inner side of the upper border is runs over a trochlea or pulley with which one of the muscles of the eye works.

As with the head is is useful to have a knowledge of the skeletal structure.

A simple sketch to indicate eyes.

This sketch is more involved. Grab a pencil and try the sketch above two or three times until you get the hang of it.

Two eyes, one is the mirror image of the other.


Eyebrows are neither a a straight line nor an arc. Instead draw the eyebrow as a downturn toward the outside of the eye socket.

Eyebrows show expression.

Use the eyes to indicate expression.

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