Saturday, July 19, 2008

Want to learn to work with concrete?!

Hey Folks,

I'm on a little holiday at the moment, but will soon return to resume my entries about artists that thrill the senses. It won't be long...


I want to tell you about a cool, workshop that is being taught in the SF Bay Area at IMA by former Seattle artist, Myles Blackwood. A lot of you have written to me to request information about how to work with concrete, and this is your chance to learn some very cool techniques and the basics for right around $200. (I seriously doubt you'll find a comparable class for less moolah.)

Myles has relocated to Santa Cruz over the past year and is coming to Oakland August 16-17 for a fun, informative 2-day workshop that is designed for anyone who is interested in learning the basics of working with concrete. In this class, you will learn to create a simple, uber-nifty, concrete sphere that you are allowed to take home with you to use in your sculptural work or as a mosaic substrate.

The workshop runs Saturday, August 16 from 10am - 4pm and the following day from 10am until 4pm at Institute of Mosaic Art in East Oakland at the corner of Chapman and Derby.
Cost: $205
Materials: $40 (payable to instructor first day of class)

To create his nifty spheres, Myles uses fiberglass mesh and acrylic concrete. Of course, once you have this technique under your belt, you can expand your horizons considerably and make virtually any geometric shape you want. The concrete forms are light in weight but are also very durable. After taking Myles' workshop, you will leave with some useful knowledge and will have a good time working with Myles.

This is a fun class for couples who are looking for something different to do over a weekend....or for a few friends to take together.

You can register online for the workshop HERE or contact Myles directly if you have any questions:

Go ahead! Sign up! You know you want to!


Sandy said...

Fabulous! Thanks for sharing that with us and I hope you have a nice time away.
Sandy :)

freebird said...

That would be fun to do. There are so many neat things to learn.

Stacy Alexander