Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lawrence Northey – There’s something about machines….

“I started making robots as a way of illustrating a story I'd written called, "Wired City".

“I've always been fascinated by archeology and new theories on ancient civilizations.”

Lawrence Northey has been written up in some impressive magazines; publications such as Architectural Digest, Art Scene International and Juxtapose, to name a few. He has a list of awards that almost spans the length of my arm. His small sculptures have been exhibited from New York to Korea. These gleaming, meticulously-created mixed media figures demand attention wherever they are on display. He creates them from polished brass, aluminum, copper glass and other media. They look like steampunk…only shiny and many of them are kenetic, moving, making “ZAP!” noises, singing…. Art collectors buy them. Sci-Fi fans buy them. People who like gadgets buy them. Celebrities buy them.

Northey hasn’t always been an artist. He only acquired formal art training as an adult after being trained in sheet metal and auto mechanics. "I was always creating stuff as a kid," he says, "but I was sixteen when I went to my first art gallery. I suppose I had a kind of epiphany at that moment, to discover there were other people like me and that there was a name for the sorts of things I had been doing."

Shortly thereafter, Northey changed his major to art and in 1971, had his work selected to be shown in an exhibition at the National Gallery in Ottawa.

After graduating from art school, Northey got a job in a factory and worked on his art at night. Then, in 1984, he moved to Richmond, British Columbia, and established an animated display business.

Lawrence Northey's art is widely collected in both the United States and Canada. Many of his best known pieces are displayed on his website where one can also see illustrations from Wired City.

HERE is a link to the Lawrence Northey online gallery. There you can see many examples of his sculptural work. If you scroll to the bottom of the page and fill in your email address, Lawrence will personally email a free poster ( SIZE: 8.5" X 11" ) illustrated with his work!

(That’s just the kind of guy he is…)

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