Monday, July 7, 2008

The Mosaic Art of Julee Latimer

180cm x 60cm on cement fibre board
vitreous glass, glass tiles, mirror, glass gems, glitter tiles

Julee Latimer was born in England where she lived until 18 years ago when she moved to Canada. Since then she has moved around various countries becoming a bit of a self-described gypsy. She now lives in Australia, having been there since December of 2005. This is her 12th overseas move.

Julee wears many hats in life, and while she has worked as an interior designer, a mural painter, an artist and a color consultant, it is mosaic art that has really resonated with her. She began to work on mosaics professionally when she moved to Australia.

“After my husband built an amazing deck, I got to work on my biggest panel to date. I used all my favourite bright colours and plenty of glittery tiles. The effect is stunning in sunlight, the dragonflies appear to fly for real…”

“I am primarily a mixed media artist with a great fondness for anything glass.”

Julee used glass, ceramic tiles, feather, buttons, baubles and beads to create this compelling series of mosaic masks:

“As most mosaic artists do, I see everything in terms of whether it can be used as tesserae or substrate.”

Recently, Julee was one of thirty five artists out of three hundred to be chosen to exhibit her work. The starring pieces are this glamorous pair of mosaic flip-flops!

Perhaps one of Julee's strongest series of work are these delightful mosaic female forms that give the illusion of a soft, tactile lingerie juxtaposed by the actual rigidity of the tesserae. She created unique personalities with each piece scribing such characteristics as , "...Likes champagne and roses. would love a guy to buy her presents for no reason and whisk her off for weekends that involve lots of pampering.

or "Miss Sophisticated likes jet setting and expensive restaurants. Needs a powerful man with a fat wallet and a fast car."

She calls this one "Miss Sinful" and writes, " Miss Sinful likes dancing the night away and breakfast in bed. Wants a breahtakingly handsome fella with a square jaw and attitude!"

Readers may view other mosaic work by Julee Latimer by visiting her flickr Photostream HERE.

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