Friday, July 4, 2008

Francesca De Lorme - Vermont to Hawaii in Mosaics

Contrast the golden autumns and cold, white winters of Vermont with the rich, green, tropical paradise of Hawaii, and you’ll have a taste of the variety that Francesca De Lorme (AKA “Fresca”) creates in her StudioFresca mosaics.
recycled china, dishware, stainless steel, flatware, scrap stained glass and vintage irridescent water tumbler on green MDF with sanded grout

Fresca describes herself as “… a semi-retired graphic designer, part-time mixed media mosaic artist, full time graduate student in Health Arts & Sciences and long-time "trashion-fashionista". I describe her as a free-spirited, creative artist who has the courage to explore. She designs and creates an eclectic mix of unique, one-of-a-kind, mosaic art pieces made primarily from reclaimed, reused, recycled, recovered and re-purposed materials. Many feature antique, vintage and "retro" components and most are designed to be functional, as well as decorative.

All of Fresca's mosaic artwork and clothing designs are created from reclaimed, recycled and salvaged materials.

“When people ask me about the “process and techniques” involved in making my mosaics, I am always reminded of the old adage about sausage: It tastes great, but you wouldn’t necessarily want to watch it being made… Since I create my mosaics primarily out of salvaged, recycled and repurposed materials, cut my own tesserae, and prepare my own substrates, I can tell you that the end result is usually a lot more pleasant for the onlooker than the actual creation! As much as I love dumpsters, wrecking yards and land fills, they are smelly, dirty and potentially dangerous places, and most people would not find them nearly as beguiling as I do.”

In addition to her shop on ETSY, Fresca's work can be seen in various galleries and other venues on Kauai and in Vermont. She is a member of MIVEST - Made in Vermont Etsy Street Team and of EMA - Etsy Mosaic Artists Street Team

Fresca writes:

“I sometimes wonder just why I happened to become so enamored with mosaics because the truth is they are messy, difficult, time consuming, frustrating -- and sometimes even painful -- to make. Since I have imposed upon myself the discipline of making my mosaics using a minimum of 75% recycled, reused and salvaged materials, it sometimes seems especially challenging. But the absolute truth is that it is also exciting, fascinating, playful, absorbing, and infinitely rewarding, so regardless of the challenges involved, I absolutely LOVE being a mosaicist because there are so many great things to love about this particular medium.”

Fresca enjoys the history of mosaic art and feels a connection with those who have created it before her.

“When I work with my hands and simple cutting tools, I do feel a kind of connection with those who have gone before me. Mosaics, whether pure visual art, functional art, architectural enhancement, or wearable endowment, have been part of the human existence for centuries, and I like being a small part of that.”

“The solidity of most the materials, the endless range of textures, the range of opus patterns of the tesserae, and the three-dimensionality of many of the final pieces, just beg for a little tactile sensory input in addition to all that visual!”

Enjoy Fresca's flickr photo album and more of her mosaic work HERE.

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