Thursday, July 3, 2008

Casey Weldon

California native, Casey Weldon, now lives in Brooklyn, NY where he
paints fantastical and provocative images in make believe scenarios while managing to make his subjects look perfectly natural in doing what they do.

Apple Bomb

The ease with which he slips these animal and human-based characters into play is the most compelling aspect of his work.


Most of Weldon’s paintings are enigmatic, in which words play an integral part. This wordplay may be used to give us essential clues to the painting’s characteristics (be it irony, wit, humor), or it might address a serious critique of society.

Nuclear Family

When he’s not making a large point, he is just having fun making verbal puns visible……


“ I definitely try to say something in each painting."

Lucky Us

"Sometimes it’s just a one-liner though, like rabbits in wheelchairs or Ronald McDonald breastfeeding a fat baby. Sometimes the message is a bit cryptic and hopefully demands a little more attention. I’d like the viewer to attempt to figure out what a piece is about rather than focus on how it’s painted.” - Casey Weldon

Good Luck Black Cat

Casey tries to involve graphic elements to cement the fact that his works are just paint on board, and not intended to mimic reality.

"I couldn’t call it surrealism with a clear conscience, but that is usually the first word that comes to peoples minds.” Says Casey about his work which can be seen in more detail on his web site.

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