Thursday, July 24, 2008

Brett and Leslie Campbell

Brett and Leslie Campbell

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Their lives read like a fairy tale.

Brett was a successful banker, and by all accounts, very good at what he did. However, after he was spontaneously inspired to create his first mosaic back in the year 2000, his life was instantly transformed.

In a move that would shock some, he mustered all his courage and confidence to abruptly leave the world of finance, move his family to the Kondalilla Falls area of Australia and became a full-time mosaic artist. With Leslie's help, he now enjoys translating his immediate environment into expressive works of art while also keeping pace with the duties associated with the roles of husband and a father of four children. Lesley, works with him as a remarkable contributing designer and business guide. Together, they are forging quite a name for themselves in Australia and across borders beyond.

"When I start the day, I say: Whoopee, what am I going to do today?"

There are many answers to that morning question. For example, Brett created an entire series of five mosaic nude murals with the sixth in progress:

He created the "United Women of the World", a mandala-style mosaic representation of the unification of women around the world.


…and the “Secret Women’s Business" mosaic mural, the design of which he describes as having been "stolen" from Leslie's diary.

Leslie's diary drawing

"When I started this there was a lot of discouragement, but what kept me going was a total belief in what I was doing"

...and isn't that the key to success in virtually any endeavor?

"There was a time where I found a sort of beauty in that sort of thing (Banking and the world of figures)."

"Now I'm making the world a more beautiful place by making these things of beauty"

And if the creative forces ever get too much for him, he just walks out the door and goes where inspiration is only a few steps away. This is a series of three inspired ceramic tile murals that Brett installed in the "Mayfield on Montville" complex - 127-133 Main Street, Montville Qld

Escarpment at Dawn

Bottom Waterfall

Rock Pool

Brett and Leslie Campbell have made it their mission in life to inspire others to follow their passions. I appreciate this reaching out to others. It is a refreshing approach to the art world and one seen less frequently as time passes. While they do rely on their mosaic business to pay the bills, they aren't just about lining their own pockets. The couple truly does offer support and encouragement to other mosaic artists. For example, they have created a fantastic online resource, their Mosaic Learning Center. At $29.95 for a lifetime membership (a fraction of the cost of a decent mosaic book) you'll have access to a plethora of mosaic and art business tutorials, advice, tips, instruction, photos and other information. HERE. They offer mosaic patterns, mandala patterns....You name it! It's a great deal!

"To us, mosaic art is not just a job, a career or living,"
Brett says. "It's our passion and we live and breathe it in our daily lives. Both of us are eagerly involved with the conception & creation of each mosaic."

Please read more about the lives and works of Brett and Leslie Campbell on their fantastic web site! CLICK HERE


freebird said...

Beautiful works. He had too much creative life in him to stay as a banker!

Kim said...

Nice to see Brett and his work here. His life does read as a fairytale... and I'm sure one that took work to get to, so it is rightly deserved :)

Great writeup Stacy and Brett, as always lovely work. Hoping to see something at the exhibition in Sydney soon...

Stacy Alexander