Monday, June 9, 2008

Ulrike Martinez - For the love of Mosaics

Ulrike Martinez
Her name is Ulrike Martinez. Like many artists, from an early age, she has loved art and its creation. While in school, it was not uncommon to find her drawings and art projects proudly displayed. She is a native German who now lives in Southern California.

Ulrike graduated from dental school in Germany but her interest in art took the form of fashion and interior design. In 1990, she began painting murals. It wasn’t until a few years ago that she discovered mosaic, and like so many of us, became hooked.

Ulrike uses a lot of Mexican smalti and other glass tesserae in her work. She writes, “ Mosaic, this ancient art of putting together hand cut tesserae through meticulous precision, is a gratifying way to express my relentless desire to create beauty and for my visions of the world around me.”

A sensation that a lot of mosaic artists feel was expressed by Ulrike when she stated that after she finished her first piece, she “could not let go”.

Ulrike writes:

“ I had found what I was looking for all my life in creating beauty and the relentless pursuit of perfection. It is an eloquent testimony of my dedication to carry on this form of one of the oldest art and decorating style. Once I have started on a piece, I cannot let go until it is finished.”

Ulrike designs and draws all of her pieces from scratch and with the greatest of care.

“ I use only the finest materials available from around the world.”

Ulrike Martinez is a part of EBSQ, the organization for Self Representing Artists, and her profile can be found HERE.

Please click HERE for her web site which contains contact information and additional photos of her work.

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