Sunday, June 8, 2008

Tenacity - Skeeter and the Pack

I attended the opening for Tenacity - Skeeter and the Pack exhibit at 580 Hayes in San Francisco on Friday night and was so overwhelmed by the number of terrific works and artists there that I've decided to give a brief overview of the show with a view toward convincing my local readers to stop by an take a look. I also plan to do more in-depth pieces on some of the artists in the future. Today, however, I will just highlight some of them with gratitude for giving me such a thrill. The work was great!

The featured artist was Kim Maguire- Gaultieri whose plaster and metal sculptures and drawings are informed by the commodification of animals.

Kim chose the ill-fated greyhound to represent her views and her work is as powerful and graceful as the animals themselves.

The curator of the show, Madeline Behrens-Brigham, created a gripping wall of mixed media work that she entitled, "Uplifting Moments of a Deeply Profound Depression" .

Life doesn't have to be all black
Life doesn't have to be all whilte
Grey exists
Not only does grey exist
Shades of grey can be discerned.

Madeline Behrens-Brigham

Ofra Fisher had a trio of her whimsical teapots on display:

SFAI graduate, Daniel Turner exhibited this compelling sculptural umbrella piece:

As often as I see my close friend, Delaine Hackney, I never grow weary of seeing her mosaic interpretations of animals.

I find it utterly amazing that she can turn this...

...into this:

Delaine's talented husband, Fred Andrews, keeps us equally entertained with his fanciful (almost, but not quite real) creatures sculpted from a variety of materials. Fred, shown here with his latest creation made of Darjit! is always full of surprises....and talent!

(Darjit is an eco-friendly sculpturing compound made of 90% recycled materials.)

Greg Cassin's work, an attempt "to honor the sacredness of the human spirit", captivated viewers with its' illustrations of the creative power of suffering. Religious iconography and symbols of oppression were displayed in large framed works hanging on a stark, black wall and provided a pithy focal point for the exhibit. Greg's work addresses the oppressive powers of the world, especially religion and mainstream culture.

The vivid, abstract paintings of Greg Dunham were created with a clever process in which he covered canvases with layers of paint and then scraped through to the layers beneath:

Greg's free-spirited work has a lively energy and persuasive presence.

The mesmerizing photography of Jean Lannen demanded much attention at this show. Jean has an uncanny way of bringing dolls and other inanimate objects to life, giving them personalities and emotions.

Jean says, "I try to capture the magic that I sense." and she is quite successful at this.

What you have seen is only a sample of the delights to behold at this, the last art exhibit at 580 Hayes in what was once John's Market (better known as "Hayes Valley Market) in San Francisco's Hayes Valley district before the structure is torn down and rebuilt into a five story space that will include retail establishments and a smaller dedicated art space.

Tenacity - Skeeter and the Pack

Featured artist:

Kim Maguire-Gaultieri


Madeline Behrens-Brigham
Elsa Madeline Murray
Kisa Herrera Smedley
Daniel Adam Turner
Phoebe Seligman
Delaine Hackney
Fred Andrews
Greg Dunham
Gregg Cassin
Jean Lannen
Scott Rankin Janie Venci

580 Hayes @ Laguna - San Francisco, California

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