Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mark Brody - Pushing the Mosaic Limits

Mark Brody

Mark Brody creates his mosaics from the basement of a Portland, Oregon bungalow in a neighborhood not far from where I used to live. To say that he limits his creations to a specific style or specialty would be doing him a disservice, made obvious by his wide-ranging body of work. His current projects include this impressive work in progress at the Tulatin Public Library:

When he isn’t teaching mosaic classes or instructing students how to fuse glass, Mark is working on his own mosaic art which sometimes includes working with kids in schools. An aspiration of great significance is Mark’s work with Young Audiences, Inc, the nation’s leading source of arts-in-education services whose mission and goal is to help make the arts an essential part of young people’s education.

This (Squamish-influenced?) glass mosaic whale is one of Mark's latest works, created with fifth graders at Buckman Elementary School in the Portland area.

“These mosaics are made and installed on site with the students of these Portland area schools. Each is custom designed and the art media can vary from ceramic to glass, paper, wood and stone.”

This Hebrew Prayer mosaic (2004)is located in the Shaarie Torah Temple:

Mark’s work undulates with attention-grabbing patterning. He adds interesting textural properties via design choices that incorporate movement and life into his mosaics.

Mark writes:
“I find that tile setting has very few limits and a very large, unexplored potential. Most of my work oversteps the limitation of a right-angle frame so that the irregular edge enhances the form I am depicting…”

Mark demonstrates this very well in his series of architecturally-influenced explorations of mosaic. These houses break the bounds of conformity and present as unique and refreshing responses to the ordinary:

Add a boy and a dog and you're ready to move right in!

To see more of Mark's mosaic work, please visit his web site HERE.

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