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Lynne Chinn - Originality of Expression

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Lynne Chinn was described by another blogger as her personal “…pantheon of mosaic gods & goddesses.“ I can certainly understand why. As I learn more and more about mosaic art, I am coming to deeply appreciate the artist who has the courage to explore new territory, someone who makes art that is truly unique and unpredictable without the same tired symbols repeated over and again. Lynne Chinn's work is crisp and new. It pushes the boundaries and stretches the imagination and it is....unquestionably.... beautiful.

This striking, organic, three dimensional piece “Winged Geode” brought Lynne recognition as one of the finalists for the highly-coveted Orsoni Prize 2007: International Award for Mosaic Art in the category for fine mosaic technique and originality of expression.

Smalti, 24k gold smalti, 24k colored gold, transparent smalti, piastrini, smashed smalti pizza, and vitreous glass, no grout.

Winged Geod detail

An award-winning graphic designer and professional oil painter, Lynne has been creating and installing luxurious mosaic surfaces since 2001. Her training as a painter is made evident by her signature brush stroke illusions in her mosaic work. Note Lynne's treatment of the facial shadow in her mosaic reproduction of Bernardino Luini’s Virgin.

In this collaboration with Julie Richy, the application of grout itself takes on definite painterly qualities and demands equal importance with the tesserae:

When Lynne created, "Far Red" she guided the texture of the smalti, its reflectivity and varying depths, to become a fascinating monochromatic study in red.

16 1/2 x 46 1/2 inches
Smalti, Smalto, Vitreous Glass, Glazed Ceramic, Stained Glass, Opus Romano, Pebble, Mirrored Glass

Lynne works with designers, architects, public art committees, and homeowners to develop individual concepts for her mosaics. With each project, she considers and discusses the style, color, textures and andamento to be expressed in each piece. She uses her advanced design and color theory ideas to contemplate schema such as this amazing Colorado Rainbow Shower Floor created in Murano Smalto.

From vitreous glass and smalti to marble, Lynne uses the finest materials possible from around the world to create her beautiful and enduring handcrafted works of art.
Here are some additional examples:
Orange Crush

Snow Flake


Coffee Bean
Lynne's inspired fine art mosaics are represented in private homes and in public venues all over the United States. This August, Lynne will be teaching a smalti workshop at The Chicago Mosaic School, the only premier, not-for-profit Mosaic Art School in North America and the only professional school for mosaics whose faculty are all professional, exhibiting mosaic artists with degrees in fine arts. More of Lynne Chinn's mosaics and further information about this artist can be found on her web site.

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