Saturday, June 7, 2008

In Saundra’s Garden -Blissful Tranquility

Saundra Warren
Each time I enter Saundra Warren’s studio space, I am reminded of William Wordsworth’s mention of the bliss of solitude in his poem about springtime.

“…And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils”

Saundra has managed to counter the blaring noise and abrasive colors of Oakland urbana by creating her own serene oasis that begins to soothe the spirit the minute one passes through her gate and sets foot in her tiny shaded garden. It is brimming with green life and the sounds of bubbling water and the signs of constant attention and nurturing.

Saundra, a good neighbor and participant in this year’s East Bay Open Studios,creates a gentle form of art that is harmonious with the environment, one that evokes peace. She specializes in beautiful handmade ceramic tiles, bubbling fountains and other one-of-a-kind garden embellishments that have the potential to turn anyone’s outdoor space into a virtual jardin vert de sérénité.
Please stop by and take a look at her work if you happen to be in the area during this momentous occasion. You will be warmly welcomed with smiles and earthly delights that take place in the form of all kinds of lovely garden art.

Once inside her pristine studio, one quickly notes that Saundra has cleverly evoked the sensation of bringing the outdoors inside as ceramic faces peer out from behind the handmade leaves and her mosaic garden art welcomes visitors into her own naturalistic ceramic sanctuary. Saundra's "leaf people" live in unison with the beautiful fountains that sing and flow about her peaceful space.

Saundra Warren first studied ceramics at The Adult School in Alameda, later refining her knowledge and skills at Merritt College in Oakland. However, her knack for incorporating a real sense of nature in her work through form and color, evolved from her own sensibilities and the sensitivity she has to the beauty that can only be found in carefully observing botanicals.
No one else captures these qualities quite like Saundra does.

Her studio is located at 2908 Glascock Street in Oakland’s Jingletown Arts District. (Glascock is the street nearest the estuary that divides Oakland and Alameda, near the Park Street Bridge.) One of her ceramic tile classes is currently in progress at IMA (and has classes coming up there) but she also teaches students privately in her own little sanctuary in the middle of the urban jungle.

Further information about Saundra can be found on her website. . Interested parties can also call 510-907-0345.

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