Monday, June 30, 2008

Christy L. Weigel - Self Reflections

My daughter, Sarah, sent me a link to her friend, Christy L. Weigel’s web site with the note, “Blog about this.” It only took a minute for me to understand why. Christy's oil paintings are at once captivating, pithy and funny. The work is about identity, about questioning one's roles in a given time and space.

Independent artist book and zine publisher, writer, editor and distributor, Christy Weigel, mixes humor and reflection in a series of self-portraits that explore a changing sense of identity prompted by the birth of her daughter in 2007.

In each oil painting on canvas, Weigel either turns her back to the viewer or obscures her face or entire head with a different object: trumpet, Groucho Marx glasses/nose/moustache, coffee cup or large paper bag. Weigel creates texture and adds to the content of each painting by writing across its surface using a single repeated letter, or her own stream of consciousness poetry.

Christy writes, "I have been making art in some form since I can remember. My great-grandmother liked to paint desert landscapes from Arizona Highways magazine, and with her help I completed my first oil painting when I was 10 years old.

Currently, I primarily work with two-dimensional artforms including - but not limited to - oil on canvas, pastel on paper, and digital image manipulation. My favorite images are figurative and/or objective with elements of surrealism. I'm also in love with the process of making books.

My influences come less from the visual arts and more from a wide variety of sources including overheard conversations, sketch comedies such as Kids in the Hall and The State, poetry, music, and Buster Keaton."

You may visit Christy's web site for a look at additional work, including her digital art and art books.

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