Thursday, June 19, 2008

Carrie Bracker - Nature's Mosaics

Back in the 80's my family had a summer house in Damariscotta, Maine. This is where I would take my children to avoid the intense heat of Houston summers. The house was a beautiful old Cape Cod with hand hewn beams sitting at the edge of a forest with a grand view of the lake. Each year, after a few days away from the fast-paced city, I would become enchanted by the intimate exposure to nature that is the unavoidable Maine experience. Seeing Carrie Bracker’s mosaic work has brought back a lot of fond memories for me.

Pemaquid Point Light House near Damariscotta, ME.

Carrie is a Maine glass artist whose mosaics are inspired by the nature that surrounds her in Maine and before that, Southern Arizona. She has resided in Maine since July 2004 and understandably, loves living there. It is a beautiful state. Carrie says it will take a bulldozer to mover her out. (I know just how she feels!)

Carrie’s first college degree was from Northern Arizona University in Business Administration…and then she was bitten by the art bug, so she obtained a second degree from from the University of Arizona in Fine Arts with a major in Graphic Design, Illustration and Painting.

Carrie started experimenting in Mosaics around 2001. Most recently, she has expanded her work to include fused glass. In addition to nature's influence, Carrie loves to play with colors, shapes and textures to create her pieces. Don't you just love this abstract piece?

Carrie's picks up a lot of her substrates from flea markets or from the bottom of the rubbish bin. She loves to repurpose old and used items by breathing new life into them via her mosaics. Natural elements such as pebbles, wood, beach glass and rusted metal are another passion.

Carrie makes all original, one-of-a-kind mosaics. No two are alike. She personally completes each piece from start to finish using bright, bold color combinations that are truly gripping.

If you like what you see here, you can find more of Carrie's work on her web site.

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