Friday, June 13, 2008

Carol Shelkin - Painting with Glass

“I'm a painter and potter, with art always having been part of my life's journey. I started playing with glass and it was familiar to me. I now paint with glass.

Carol Shelkin

When Carol was a child, she kept her crayons in rainbow order. That felt good. Since that time, she has found herself obsessed with color, design, artistic techniques and with experimenting with the different artistic mediums. Constantly striving to improve her capacity for art, Carol's trademark artistic strength is color. She knows how to combine the right colors to create the kinds of pieces that cause people to do double-takes.
Autumn Zephyr

Carol is an artistic mover and shaker. For as long as she can remember, art has been a part of her life. She exhibits, sells, teaches and continually strives to nurture her artistic skills. In her efforts to share her art with others, Carol opened an arts nursery school where she currently teaches.

She also teaches art in a community senior center.

As I was going through Carol's flickr album to find photos for this blog article, I found myself drop-jawed at her series of four women's portraits, each with a specific and delightful personality, just brimming with character (click image to enlarge) :
The Four Seasons
"It's funny how art takes you away. I started out with just making the clown looking portrait, thinking it looked like "Spring" so I had to make the other seasons...

Now, I think I need to put them all together, some how. Will I ever be done?"

Carol attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia. While there, she attuned her skills as a painter and unexpectedly fell in love with clay.

“I was bound to work with ceramics and found painting pottery filled my soul.”

Hand painted stoneware bowl by Carol Shelkin

Like many artists, Carol has experimented with many mediums.

"I strive to put emotion, passion and a little whimsy in every piece of art I create and this brings me enormous joy. I, most recently have my hands in mosaics, not clay."

This mailbox was Carol's first mosaic project:

"I discovered mosaics to be a medium where I can use almost any material and be totally multifaceted. It’s been said my work is unique, transporting one of the oldest artist mediums to present day. When I work with mosaics and it’s array of colors and textures, I sense a harmony and a familiarity from when I was a child. For me, mosaics unite the tactile creations of pottery and the vision of painting. My thoughts are with those who commission my mosaics hoping they know my work is a treasure from my heart, my hands and from my soul."

"Yes, my glass is in rainbow order."

Along with other mosaic artists from across the globe, Carol donated a mosaic for the Steve Irwin Mosaic Tribute to be installed at the Australian Zoo. It was that year she made that single mosaic.... the following year, she made two, this year she can't count how many projects she has completed.

"I’ve been told I’m painting again, I’m painting with glass."

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Stacy, what a great blog. I don't know where you get the time and get-up-and-go to help us all come across so superior. Bravo & thank you, really you give me inspiration & energy to do better.

Carol Shelkin

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