Sunday, May 18, 2008

Klaus Lange - What no one else can see....

For San Francisco photographer, Klaus Lange, art is primarily about seeing.

He stares intently at patches of rust on the sides of ships until he finds compelling images there. He photographs the rust, transforming it into what appear to be abstract impressionist paintings.

"To me a ship's hull is an expressionist's canvas with portrayals of physical struggle and natural beauty in which I find stories told by the ships own paint. With my work I offer a rare view from an imaginary point between abstract painting and abstract photography."

A Ship Named Pollack

"If I can’t explain what I see with either canvas or oils, crayons or pen, then I will create it as word-paintings, or with food in ships galleys, or with building restaurants, or brewing beer, or making jam, or churning butter and baking bread.
It’s all art."

Across the Styx

Artistry runs in Klaus' family. It took the event of his daughter going away to art school for him to take an embracing approach to his own art.

Customs House

"To my own surprise the new expression came through abstract photography. My canvasses were now ship’s hulls full of exciting possibilities. Soon after, I found my teachers and my mentors, and museums and galleries, and collectors and fans. Or perhaps they found me. Who knows."

Deep Sea

"From my showing of The Mermaids Tears this is the part where the squids march to war. The meaning of it is of course entirely open to the whimsical interpretation of the viewer. Abstract expressionism such as this, is found in the boot paint of a ships' side, and falls into a category somewhere between painting and photography."

March of Squids

Klause has a studio in Emeryville, CA. If you find yourself in the SF Bay Area, you can see his work at:

Klaus Lange Photo Art
7 Captain Drive C-309
Emeryville, CA 94608


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