Friday, May 2, 2008

Kim Grant - Mosaics that DAZZLE!

The Lovely Kim Grant
Kim, recently flew from Australia to work on a mosaic at a little coffee shop in my neighborhood. I didn’t know she was coming….and she didn’t know that her destination happened to be right across the street from where I currently live! ….so she spent the week working on the mosaic, and we didn’t even realize each was here until after she had returned! Now she is back in Australia and I am still in the SF Bay vicinity, anticipating a move to San Diego where next year's SAMA convention will be held. The good thing is that Kim has promised to “come a knockin’ “ (as they say in the South) next year if she flies out for the convention, and I can hardly wait!

Kim finds inspiration for her work from ornamental art from the East and the West. She is self-taught and a true master of color and pattern. Kim draws on the inspiration found in life's quirky and often comedic nature, yet always manages to add a painterly grace to her pieces. She is very precise, yet avoids that static look that sometimes goes hand-in-hand with work that exacting. I could stare at it all day.

Venetian Night

Kim strives to produce beautiful pieces that are distinct, aesthetically pleasing and accessible. SUCCESS! She creates work both for interior or exterior applications - from small scale pieces such as stepping stones to larger scale projects such as murals, sculptures and ornamental pieces. I am particularly fond of her sculptural work.

I love this ballet slipper! The glue wasn't quite dry when she snapped the bottom pic, but it doesn't matter. It is so beautiful. Isn't it?!

Mosaic has allowed Kim to encompass all her creative pursuits in one venture: furniture restoration, interior design, web design, architecture, gardening and world travel! One thing that the two of us have in common is that Kim is also a consummate recycler who loves to browse through all kinds of places looking for materials and bases to use in her mosaic. We are going to have so much fun together when she visits next year!

If you would like to see more of Kim’s mosaics, please visit her web site HERE. I have only given you a peek into the enchanting world of Kim Grant Mosaics.


freebird said...

I am off to look at her site because of those chickens. They are sooo wonderful.

I have a question for you or your fellow mosaic artists. I heard one person say they sanded each piece of glass to remove the sharp edges. Do you really do that? I hadn't heard of that before but if I made a table top or bowl would it be the right thing to do? It seems as if you would be spending all your time sanding.

Stacy Alexander said...

Hi Freebird,

When pieces of glass have little uneven shards on them, a tile stone or glass grinder is used to smooth them out.


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