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Kelly Price Colston AKA Paper Ballet

"Weirdo Punk Rock Chicks Kinda Rule"

Kelly Price Colston

Mixed media artist, Kelly Price Colston's AKA “Paper Ballet” wrote a description of herself that is as interestingly diverse as her art:
"artist. mother. collage fanatic. obsessive compulsive. terminal procrastinator. in love with color. dots. candy. bizarro characters. i am a vegetarian dog owner. i run or walk daily. i love all people. i sometimes like to watch spiders make webs. if i was still a kid, i'd be on the top bunk, reading or playing with crayons and paper."

Accordian Man [artist card]

Ah, if only it could all be described that simply.

Killing Off the Memories

Kelly’s work embodies a complex examination of opposites and of such heady subjects as sex, gender, childhood trauma, fear, human relationships…. Even her materials can speak of opposites. This traditionally comforting, finely stitched quilt is emblazened with pain and contradiction.
With each new image comes a myriad of thought, compounded with emotion and slathered with a nice dose of deep awe and respect for her technical expertise. Her mixed media work is simultaneously lighthearted and weighty, compelling and repelling, thoughtful and carefree. Each is precise and at the same time chaotic, with its own language and sense of order. Seamless. Broken. Fractured. Whole.
Fat as Pigs

How does she do this? What inspires her?
Neal Cassidy and the Broken Dolls

Kelly states, “Usually my drive to create is born from inspiration via nature, animals, relationships and loss/fear/sadness. Not all of my work is depressing, per se, but I do enjoy intensity. I think above all else, I value truth in emotions and my art seems to find a home within that honesty.”
(No wonder I respond so deeply to her work!)
One Hundred Dreams

Although she has taken a few art classes, Kelly is primarily self-taught with an innate, sophisticated sense of balance and design. When I view her work, I find myself scanning its surfaces to find relationships between the characters and situations that she creates. Kelly has an uncanny way of makiing the bizarre an everyday occurrence... and the commonplace odd and exciting.
Brothers in Arms

A stickler for routine, Kelly rises at seven every morning to help her daughter prepare for school. Then she goes to her studio across town and walks her dogs for an hour. After that comes sketching and the morning meal and then art before and after lunch and again after her daughter returns from school.

“Routines are important for people with depression and artists especially. I think it can become very easy to get behind in your work and ambition if you don't create an atmosphere of professionalism for yourself.”
Self-Identity [artist card]

Because she is a collage artist, Kelly's medium of choice is old magazines. She enjoys the quality of the paper when it has become worn and slightly brittle and finds that it is very easy to tear and shape in the hand, as opposed to newer magazines.

“ I also like watercolor paper to collage onto for it's strength and texture. I am all about details, so I love that watercolor paper will take splattering with gouache well. the color and beauty of the paper is beyond comparison. I swear by ebony pencils for sketching and a pair of micro-tipped Fiskars scissors are a MUST in my studio. I also prefer the glue sticks that are purple and not clear glue. I like to know where I am putting my glue.”

Just Blame Mother

A current goal for Kelly is to be free from depression and anxiety.

“I realize that having obsessive compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder are not easy to recover from fully. but I don't lose hope. An enormous part of my art is grounded in the faith I have in miracles and learning to trust myself again.”

When asked whether the internet, technology, media, et al, are helping or destroying the art world, Kelly responded:

“I love this question because I use Photoshop and digital art is my biggest profit-producing medium. I don't think technology destroys anything. I think poor standards destroy art, and that happens, unfortunately, in every single medium and has existed since Leonardo and before. Some dipshit will ALWAYS try and create "art" because they just want to be an artist/art scene type. Me, I think art is in my bones. it's just at the core of who I am. Media and technology have not changed me; they have helped me. Whereas, new art accoutrements have helped artists for ages, so does the mouse. I Icertainly know that my art career wouldn't have taken off had I not had the internet at my disposal.”

Fortunately for all, Kelly has a prominent presence on the world wide web …here, here , here and here as user “psychepreserved". When you have the opportunity, look her up. Her amazing works of art will hold your attention for hours on end.

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